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High-quality Metal Parts Machining Supplier in China

Backed with CNC machines and skilled professionals, the Ruitai team is fully capable of turning your metal parts machining project into reality with a custom solution.

With the investment in 5 axes CNC machines, we have the flexibility to assist your small-batch CNC machining project but also your mass production project with tight tolerance.

The Ruitai team also takes much attention to quality control. If we can’t achieve the tolerance you require for the metal parts machining project, our team would tell you our capability directly. We have been using state-of-art checking devices including CMM and caliper to check the quality of your metal parts.

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CNC Machined Metal Parts

When it refers to prototyping, CNC machining is frequently mentioned. It can be utilized to make low-volume prototypes. It can help the manufacturers to produce the prototypes with tight tolerance.

Custom Brass Machined Parts

Brass is not only decorative and machinable. Machined brass parts were often used as the fasteners, connectors, bearings, and gears. CNC turning is one of the most frequently used machinings to produce brass components.

Stainless Steel Machined Screw Parts

To get precise and high-volume screws, numerous clients would choose CNC turning and CNC milling. The Ruitai team does the precision machining on the screws by the 5 axis CNC machines.

Metal Milling Airframe Components  

There are some vital requirements for the aircraft components. The metal parts should be durable, hard, and temperature resistant. And CNC machines can help us to make precise aircraft parts.

Powdered Metal Parts

After machining, we can powder coat the metal components. The thickness of the parts may be increased a little. Therefore, we pay attention to the thickness of powder coating on the metal parts. If not, we can hardly achieve the tight tolerance as you required.

Custom Metal Parts

To make high-precision metal gears, CNC machining has been your go-to choice. Its multiple axes offer the flexibility to make the gears with complicated design. And you can make gear prototypes or high-volume gears as you plan.

Professional and Satisfying Metal Parts Machining Manufacturer in China

Ruitai Mold is a professional metal parts machining service provider in China. We are so proud that the Ruitai team provides quality CNC machining service to you.

Our engineering department is also of professionalism. When we are faced with some difficult engineering problems, the engineering team would give the clients the most professional guidance. All of our efforts are to deliver the best machining service to our clients and improve our machining service.

The customer service is one of the most satisfying ones because of our high-response rate which can ultimately reach 95%. It can greatly ensure that we can keep in touch with them constantly. If there is any problem with the metal parts machining project, we can find the solution together.

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Other Parts

  • Electronic Parts

    The components of electronic products are mainly made of sheet metal parts. For example, the outer shell of the computers, LED panels, and switches. The popular metal materials for electronics are brass, stainless steel, and aluminum.

  • Carbon Fiber Parts

    The carbon fiber material is widely utilized for various companies including cars, aircraft, and sports. Because it is a plastic of lightweight and high strength. It’s also a quality material for CNC machining and injection molding.

  • POM Machined Parts

    The tolerance of plastic machined parts is not as tight as metal machined parts. But plastic still is favored by the market. POM is a thermoplastic of high stiffness and stability and is also suitable for CNC machining.

  • Rapid Prototyping

    As a popular rapid prototyping, 3D printing has won a reputation for its efficiency and feasibility. After inputting the data, it will print the object automatically. When it is finished, it may need the workers to do polishing on the parts.


1. What Are the Benefits of Metal Parts Machining?

Metal parts machining is that people choose CNC machining to make custom metal parts. There are so many benefits if you choose metal parts machining.

(1) Flexible Productivity;

CNC metal machining can be used for making a single metal prototype. Meanwhile, it’s also fit for metal mass production. Over 50 sets of Ruitai’s CNC machines allow us to get the flexibility to help your CNC metal prototyping and CNC metal mass production projects.

(2) Accurate;

As you know, 5 axis CNC machining has a reputation for precision. It has numerous applications for making parts of cars, aerospace, and defense.

Figure1 Metal Parts Machining

2. What Is Metal Parts Machining?

Metal parts machining is using the CNC centers to create custom metal components. Its high precision is highly appreciated by the public. There are many kinds of metal fit for machining projects: stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, brass, and so on.