The 4 Stages of Plastic Injection Molding

A great number of manufacturers apply injection molding to make plastic parts with a high volume. Because it’s a cost-effective and highly efficient way to get plastic parts. People will need it when they have made a few prototypes and decided to put them on the market. Now, let’s discover the 4 stages of plastic injection molding.

Injection Molding

(1) Designing the molds. The first step is to design the molds according to the files of our clients. Once we have confirmed the final files with the clients, they would be transferred to the engineering department. The engineers would analyze the files and design the corresponding molds.

(2) Making the molds. We need to make the parts of the molds by CNC machining, which is an accurate way. Meanwhile, as to the parts of more intricate patterns, we need to apply EDM(electrical discharge machining) to achieve it. Through multiple polishing on the tools, we will finish the mold machining step.

Molds Making

(3) Injection molding. When everything is ready, we can put the plastic particles into the barrel. These materials will be melted under high temperatures and injected into the mold. After a specific period, the mechanical arm will put the plastic part out and put it on the belt.

Injection Molding

(4) Deburring. When the plastic parts are put out of the mold, there are some small flaws on them. Thus, we need to check them carefully and cut them.

The above is a basic introduction to the process of plastic injection molding. And Ruitai Mold is willing to be your plastic injection molding partner. There are over 15 sets of injection molding machines at Ruitai. We are pretty confident to deliver high-performance plastic parts to you.

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