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Ruitai Is A Professional Custom CNC Machining Manufacturer in China

Being a well-experienced CNC machining manufacturer, Ruitai offers you professional and customizable CNC machining services.

For every problem that happed during our custom CNC machining, our professional engineering team will provide a very detailed solution accordingly. Part of the reason relies on our knowledge and extensive experience cooperating with thousands of clients. We are fully confident to turn your custom CNC machining into a big success.

Before delivery, Ruitai can also provide a CMM report to you, which is not what every supplier can do for you. And it makes you more clear about how awesome these machined parts look. Just Contact Ruitai here!

Custom Car Machined Parts

There are a lot of car components that can be produced by custom CNC machining. Until now, we have cooperated with automotive companies for producing car parts including bushings, valve retainers, suspension components, and so on.

Figure3 CNC Machining Car Eng

Ruitai’s custom CNC machining service consists of providing custom materials and process methods for your product design. You can receive custom machining to make your drawing become the product.

CNC Machined Aerospace Components

If you’re a designer for aerospace parts, you will also be attracted by our custom CNC machining. Because it will not only guarantee the quality of your aerospace parts but also ensure a quick turnaround.

Figure2 CNC Machining Medical Parts

It’s no wonder that CNC machining has a wide and functional application in creating medical devices. No matter for metal parts or plastic parts, we will finish the project well until you’re satisfied.

Robot Plastic Machined Parts

The robot is composed of several components with high accuracy. And we understand how important tolerance is. We can use a height gauge, CMM, and vernier caliper to check the robotic parts.

Custom CNC Machining Semiconductor Devices

Aluminum has high popularity in custom CNC machinings from turning to milling. It can also be the material for semiconductor devices.

Your One-stop Custom CNC Machining Parts Supplier – Ruitai 

Do you want to finish your CNC machining project with one supplier? Ruitai is your one-stop custom CNC machining parts supplier on who you can depend.

It means that there is a large selection part. You can choose the material from metal, plastic, foam, to wood. Regarding the available process method, we get our 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC machines to help your short-run or long-run custom CNC machining project. Alongside that, the surface treatments we can provide are painting, anodizing, electroplating, powder coating, aluminum brush, and so on.

As to packaging, we would choose the most suitable one to deliver your custom CNC machining parts to your location. As to the heavy and large products, we would choose a wooden box to ensure the safety of the CNC machined parts.

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1. What Is Custom CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a high-precision processing method if you want to make some precision metal or plastic parts. CNC matching consists of CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling. And Custom CNC machining refers to providing the CNC matching according to your specification. The supplier you choose for your machining product will process the parts totally by your files and requirements from the material, quantity, process method, and surface treatment. That’s custom CNC machining.

Figure1 Custom CNC Machining


2. What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Custom CNC Machining?

As one of the most popular machinings, CNC machining has countless advantages as well as some disadvantages.


(1) High-precision and consistency;

5 axis CNC machining will help you make components with tight tolerance. Besides, the components produced by the CNC machines are of high consistency without errors by manual operation. If you get any complex project to do, you can depend on custom CNC machining to make your desired components.

(2) Less labor involved;

The workers just need to be trained on how to operate the CNC machines well. The engineers only need to set up the program and the workers just need to control the machines accordingly. It means that we can hire fewer workers to assist our custom CNC machining project.

(3) High-efficiency;

The CNC machining equipment can work continuously for 24 hours. We can manage our staff to work with several runs to achieve high-volume production.


(1)Higher cost;

The cost of buying 5 axis CNC machines is relatively high. It would be a challenge for the companies.

Figure2 Custom CNC Machining Parts

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