Get Your Bespoken CNC Milling Prototype in China 

At Ruitai, both small volume and mass production are available


Bespoken CNC Milling Prototype Service Supplier

To meet the different machinings needs of our clients worldwide, Ruitai offers you a bespoken CNC milling prototype service.

At Ruitai, you will receive the most complete machining service from material choice to surface finish. For material, you can literally get any type of material from us including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carbon fiber, ABS, PC, PMMA, and PEEK. If you have any requirements for the material like food-grade plastic, the Ruitai would try our best to do that for you. Regarding surface finish, we can basically assist your finished CNC milling prototypes with the common ones from anodizing to painting.

We are also conscious of our packaging because we deeply understand its importance of it. Without solid packaging, the finished CNC milling prototypes will be highly be damaged. Therefore, we pay attention to it to ensure you have the intact parts.

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Small-volume CNC Milling Prototypes

Prototyping is always the first and most efficient step to modify the design. It can greatly reduce the time and money you spent on product development. By combining CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC drilling, we can make low-volume CNC milling prototypes for you.

High-precision Milling Metal Prototypes

5-axis CNC machining is often used for producing metal prototypes with high accuracy. As a part of CNC machining, milling plays a role in making accurate CNC machining parts. Now it also has a wide application in different industries: automotive, electronics, aerospace, and medical.

Anodized CNC Milling Car Parts

Anodizing is often used on aluminum parts. Meanwhile, car companies tend to apply metal CNC milling to get their high-precision metal parts for prototyping or mass production.

CNC Machined ABS Parts

ABS is your low-cost and high-quality material choice for your CNC milling prototyping project. If your budget is limited, ABS can be a very ideal choice for you. Are interested in plastic CNC machining? we are an expert in it and really want to cooperate with you on a one-off project.

CNC Electronics Milling Parts 

In many cases, there is a great demand for CNC electronics milling parts. After prototyping, your designers will check their design and modify it according to the finished prototypes. Basically, the electronics products you see on the market need prototyping.

Custom Bicycle Machined Parts

CNC machining is not only an ideal option for prototyping but also an economical solution for mass production. Because low-volume prototypes need high start-up and labor costs. If you require highly both cost and precision, you can choose CNC milling.

Satisfying and Professional CNC Milling Prototype Manufacturer in China

As a professional manufacturer, Ruitai is willing to deliver you the premier quality CNC milling prototype.

We put the emphasis on satisfying quality. In order to assure you of the best CNC milling parts, there are numerous steps to control them. The first step is multiple checking for the machining components, which is run by our inspection team. Before packaging, these finished metal parts will be checked carefully until every part meets the standard.

Ruitai also offers you engineering and customer services. If you are looking for a supplier who can give professional engineering advice and the quickest response, we would be your ideal partner. With the knowledge CNC milling prototype, our engineering team has the capability to offer you useful and professional suggestions for the best solution.

As to Ruitai’s customer service, we can provide you with the most satisfying one. Part of the reason is our over 95% response rate. It means that we will reply to you within a short period. Thus, we can keep in touch with you and help you deal with the cooperation details in time.

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    Metal 3D printing is efficient and vital to shorten the circle of product development. For the product design with much complexity, we would definitely choose metal 3d printing to deliver the premium metal parts to you.

  • Plastic Molding Parts

    When it comes to custom plastic fabrication, there are several processing methods to be mentioned. For example, CNC machining, 3D printing, and injection molding. According to the volume and precision you want to achieve, you can choose the most suitable one from them.

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  • Anodized CNC Milling Parts

    There is no denying that surface finish can greatly make the surface of the metal components more protective and functional. Many clients often require surface finish on the metal parts after machining.



1. What Is CNC Milling Prototype?

CNC milling prototype is that the suppliers use CNC milling to make prototypes according to their client’s specifications. Nearly most product development companies have a high demand for prototyping, which will help them to do design modifications and accelerate the product development cycle. At the same time, CNC milling is a so efficient and high-precision processing method to make prototypes or high-volume products.

If you belong to the companies of automotive, aerospace, and electronics, we highly recommend CNC milling to assist your machining project. And Ruitai is also well-experienced in CNC milling prototyping for 10+ years. We are committed to delivering the best CNC milling parts to you.

Figure1 CNC Milling Prototype