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Small Batch CNC Machining Parts

Ruitai’s professional team of experts always focuses on manufacturing the best CNC machined parts for the clients. Our services are always high in demand among our clients. This boosts up our working enthusiasm for the manufacturing industry.

To stay ahead of the market competition, we need to grab the consumers’ interest by providing them with a high-quality product. At Ruitai, we provide parts manufactured on the 3&4&5 axis CNC machining. It can produce your small batch CNC machining prototypes within a short time.

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Aluminum Machined Prototypes

We can make all kinds of aluminum parts with CNC machining. And aluminum 6061-T6 is the most popular one.

CNC Turned Plastic Parts

As for CNC machining, plastic is popular to create small batch of prototypes, because of  its light weight and high performance.

Small Batch Brass CNC Machining Parts 

We also manufacture different small batch brass parts of different sizes.

Professional Small Batch CNC Machining Service

If you are new to the manufacturing industry, it may be difficult for you to choose the best and most reliable professionals for the production of your small batch CNC machining parts. But here we are providing some of our sample work, which will help you trust Ruitai for your manufacturing.

You can also keep an eye on our manufacturing process while we work for your parts. Plus, you can ring us anytime to get updates on your project as we are always available for your project.

So just contact us to get amazing quality small batch CNC machining services in no time!

Small Batch CNC Machining

Small Batch CNC Machining

CNC machining is one of the top technologies that have ruled over the manufacturing industry for many decades in China. This technology is highly useful, and understanding it is an important thing now. Before the creation of the main product, it is essential to manufacture its mechanical parts.

This production of a fewer number of parts is called small-batch machining. When you produce these parts through CNC, it is called small-batch CNC machining.  It has greatly helped the manufacturers to get a clear idea of the market needs and requirements. Small batch CNC Machining also helps them to know what exactly the consumers want.

It ultimately enables the manufacturers and suppliers to deliver the best product at the lowest price to the consumers.

1. Why Is Small Batch CNC Machining Necessary for the Actual Product Manufacturing?

Production of the product is a long process work that requires huge time, money, and commitment. If you do not actually know the requirements of the market, you cannot deliver the best product to the consumers. Similarly, if you are unaware of the flaws in your product idea, you still cannot produce the ideal product.

This is where the importance of small batch CNC machining comes in. Following are some of the main reasons why it is necessary to manufacture a small batch of parts before producing the main product.

· Learn About the Public Interests Easily

Production of small-batch CNC machined parts allows you to carry out in-depth market research and know the actual requirements of the consumers. Once a part of the machinery is launched for beta testing among the consumers, you get to know about all the improvements that are required.

These manufacturers know about the public interests through the feedbacks of the consumers on that small part of the machinery. Thus at little cost, you can determine the actual needs and requirements of the market.

· Figure Out the Flaws in the part

Creating small batch CNC machined parts enables you to figure out the flaws in them. This greatly helps to deliver the most useful product to the customers. If your product contains flaws, you won’t be able to win the hearts of your consumers. That’s why it is very important to know about all the shortcomings in the mechanical parts so that you can eradicate them pre-manufacturing of the main product.

· Reduces Risk

Small batch CNC machining is a great way to reduce different risks. This may cause so much disappointment when you know that your product is unable to meet the expectations of the consumers. Therefore, it is important to produce these CNC machined parts to reduce risk and learn about the market interest. After that, you can assemble those parts to produce the final product.

2. How Can You Manufacture the Small Batch CNC Machining Parts?

Prototyping Method

The manufacturers have been using CNC machining for a long time for the production of small batch parts. The method by which CNC machinery manufacture these parts is subtractive manufacturing. In this manufacturing method, you will have to remove layers after layers from the main material and produce the batch parts for the main product

After you manufacture the batch parts, you need to make them ready by sticking them with different glue systems. In this way, you can manufacture the final small batch.

In subtractive manufacturing, usually, a single block of material is used. That single block is cut at different angles to get the final product. This subtraction of layers after layers from the main material makes CNC the best technology for the creation of the best products.

3. How Much Does Small Batch CNC machining Cost?

In small-batch CNC machining, you produce small parts for large products. Usually, the manufacturing company will charge you around 120 dollars per hour or higher. You might be wondering about the high price of small batch CNC machining as compared to actual product manufacturing.

However, it is due to the smaller sizes of parts. These smaller-sized parts need to be more précise, resulting in the high cost of manufacturing. In China, there are certain manufacturers that charge you only 35 dollars per hour, but they are only during some specific conditions.

4. How to Determine the Cost of Small Batch CNC Machining?

There are many factors that you need to consider to calculate your net expected expenses on small batch CNC machining. The number of laborers, the type of machinery, and complexity is key elements that serve as the basis for cost calculation.

Understanding all of these factors in a better way enables you to optimize your net expenditure on your machining. Here are some tips that may help you out in determining your expenditure on small-batch CNC machining.

· Check The Type of CNC Machinery

CNC machinery is of different types, and they differ from each other in the number of axes that they use. If you’re using 3-Axis CNC machinery for manufacturing, you will be charged lesser as compared to that of the 5-Axis machinery.

3 axis CNC machinery will cost you from 40 to 45 dollars per hour. On the other hand, if you use 5 axis machinery will be charged something nearly 120 dollars per hour. This huge difference in price is due to the working quality and precision of the product.

So for calculating your expected expenditure on prototyping, you should check the type of machinery that you are going to use.

· Identify The Complexity level

Complex parts require more programming of the CAD and more time in cutting and assembling materials. Therefore, its manufacturing fee will also be high. Just go through your CAD design. With its complexity level, you can determine how much you will be charged for the production of these parts.

Here the pro tip is that the simplification of your CAD design can be highly useful for you to reduce your manufacturing charges.

· Determine The Type of Material

Another most important factor for calculating your cost on small-batch CNC machining is identifying the type of material you are going to use for the production. If you are going to use some expensive material, you will be charged higher as compared to that of some cheap material such as plastic, etc.

· Identify the Required Labor

The number of laborers also determines the cost of your manufacturing. Although CNC machining does not require labor, and only a single operator can perform the whole process. But there are certain steps where you’ll be needing experts like an engineer for the CAD design, an operator to operate the CNC machinery, and cleaners or supporters for additional tasks.

So just identify how much labor you are going to employ for your manufacturing task.  And on the basis of your predicted number the manufacturing company will let you know the actual charges.

· Check for The Need of Decorations

It is also important for you to check for the need for decoration to better calculate your manufacturing cost. If you want your small batch CNC machining parts to be more attractive, you need to spend more from your pocket. On the other hand, if your batch parts are going to be simple, you don’t need a larger investment.

5. How to Reduce Cost on Small Batch CNC Machining?

CNC machining can definitely be useful for you if you want to manufacture the best small batch parts in the least time and money. Here are some of the practical steps by which you can reduce your overall expenditure on small batch CNC machining.

· Avoid the use of traditional designs

Traditional designs are known to be more technical and complex, according to some manufacturers of china. So reducing the level of complexity in your batch parts will cause the reduction of manufacturing costs.

Normally greater complexity results in the greater expenditure of time and skills. That’s why they charge you for the extra time too. So here, the key takeaway is that we have to avoid most of the traditional types of designs that are more complex than the modern ones.

· Choose The Best Company

The second important thing to reduce the cost of manufacturing small batch CNC machining is to choose the best company for your production. A company that manufactures your product faster, with higher quality, and charges you the least is an ideal company for you. In China, there are a lot of companies that produce the best products at lesser costs.

· Choose The Most Suitable Material

If the plastic can work well for you, then you should never go for using any metal. This will greatly help you to reduce the cost of manufacturing. Similarly, some metals are cheaper than the other ones. So if those cheaper metals can work well for you, then you should never use those expensive metals.

· Avoid Unnecessary Labor

There are some manufacturing companies in China that allow you to choose whether to take the help of several or only single labor. This is the point where you will decide the number of laborers you need. So at this stage, if your batch parts are not much complex, then you should never hire more laborers.

The working of only a single or few laborers will require you to pay lesser wages to them as compared to more laborers. So the key takeaway is that we should avoid those laborers that we don’t need during the overall manufacturing process.

· Use an Affordable Machinery

If you do not need high precision in the batch parts, you don’t have to buy expensive machinery for manufacturing. You should never use 5-Axis CNC machinery if you don’t need it because it will cost you higher.

For common purposes of your batch parts, you should use affordable machineries such as 3-Axis CNC machinery or 4-Axes.

6. How to Reduce Time on Small Batch CNC Machining?

There are a lot of benefits of reducing the production time of manufacturing.  Batch parts production in the least amount of time will benefit you in keeping your manufacturing firm being ahead of your competitors in the market.

If you launch your product earlier as compared to your other competitors, you will definitely win the hearts of the consumers. This will ultimately help you in the making of regular customers faster and quicker.

Here are some of the best strategies by which you can highly reduce the time on the small batch CNC machining production process.

  • Avoid the use of hard material as much as possible

If you use hard material for manufacturing, it will be quite difficult for you to easily cut the material into different shapes. CNC machining is all about cutting the met aerial and making another product out of it.

So if you make use of some metal or other soft material such as plastic, it will never be difficult for you cut them easily and thus you will reduce your time expenditure.

  • Order for less number of batch parts

You can also reduce the time of production if you give orders for fewer batch parts. You can better decide how many batch parts do you need for a particular product. You should focus on keeping your product as much simplified as possible.

Here are key takeaway is to reduce the total number of batch parts as much as possible for faster production.

  • Avoid complexity

As mentioned earlier, complexity can take your greater time. Therefore, it will be best if you keep your CAD design to as low complexity as possible. But if your CAD design is more complex, the manufacturing company will take more time on its production.

  • Use the best machinery

According to some suppliers of china, Old CNC machinery can make things difficult for you from every aspect. They also take greater of your time to manufacture the batch parts for you. However, you can use the new and advanced CNC machinery to manufacture the best product for you in the least amount of time.

Therefore, every professional recommends using advanced machinery if you want your batch parts faster.

7. How to Manufacture the Best Small Batch CNC Machining Components?

A batch part that contains most of the functionalities of the main product is considered to be an ideal one.

CNC machining allows you to produce the best quality components that are useful from all aspects. In this technique, you don’t need to be an expert manufacturer. Basic knowledge of CNC machinery will make you able to produce a product. This is due to the automatic work processes of this machining technology.

However, if you know the advanced strategies and techniques of manufacturing, it will be greatly helpful for you to produce the best small batch CNC machining parts. Here are some of the top strategies that can help you to manufacturer the best quality.

  • Focus on precision

Precision is the key that determines the quality. If your small batch CNC machining parts are more precise, it will be easier for you to learn and figure out the flaws in your CAD. Precise small batch parts are more detailed and give a greater overview to the consumers about the actual product. It is also very important for better elaboration of your product idea in your meetings.

  • Functionalities

Along with precision, you should also focus on incorporating as many functionalities in the parts as possible. If your batch contains more functionalities, you will be able to win more hearts of consumers.

Sometimes, your product idea may be wonderful, but due to the presence of fewer functionalities in your original production, you won’t be able to get a positive review. Therefore, it is great to make your small batch CNC machining parts more functional and usable.

addition functionalities of Small Batch Parts

Figure 7 Addition Of More Functionalities In  Small Batch Parts

  • Improvement

You should manufacture your small batch CNC machining parts in such a way so that you can easily improve and make them useful by making a few changes to them. Such kinds of parts are considered better than those that you cannot improve any further.

The capability of a product to be improved gives you a plus point to avoid manufacturing other parts if your existing one contains any kind of shortcoming.

  • Attractiveness

You should also make your products attractive by different techniques with the use of CNC machining. The attraction of small batch CNC machining parts is the key factor that makes your consumer love your product even before it is launched.

So try to make your CAD design more attractive. When you produce a good-looking and captivating part, it will automatically grab more attention as compared to that of the dull one.

8. What Kinds of Small Batch CNC Machining Parts Can Be Manufactured?

CNC machining is the most reliable machining technology that can be used to manufacture small batch parts of all kinds. However, there are certain types of parts that you can easily produce using the CNC machining method.

small batch metal parts manufactured using small-batch CNC machining

Here are some of the most popular small batch CNC machining parts that are manufactured at a great scale.

· Engine Parts

Engine parts of vehicles need to be manufactured in a highly précised and accurate way. Therefore, CNC machining is considered the best machining technology for the production of parts of engines. The engine produced with CNC machining is always of the greatest quality and has higher durability.

The engines of sports cars are usually manufactured in such a way so that they do not reduce their efficiency. It is to save them whenever someone drives them in a rough way. This is only possible if you manufacture them with the best machining technology, such as CNC machining.

· Cutting Blades

Cutting blades are the essential components of large machinery. Therefore, they need to be produced with such machining technology that can make them highly durable and reliable. CNC machining can be an ideal machining technology in this regard.