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Ruitai Is A Full-service and Professional Machined Plastic Parts Supplier in China

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Custom Machined Plastic Parts Manufacturing Service

With 15 years’ exploration and formulation, Ruitai Mould is a professional machined plastic parts supplier. We offer you various assistance from all aspects.

If you are a designer or an agent without any knowledge of plastic machining, Ruitai provides you with professional guidance from different aspects. The properties of plastics and the performance of processing methods are different. Ruitai will choose the best one for you according to your requirement on machined plastic parts.

If you are not satisfied with our machined plastic parts or customer service, you can contact us directly and we will figure out a satisfying solution for you.

If you’re interested in our capability, you can send e-mails to Ruitai!

CNC Machined PMMA Parts

As a beautiful and clear plastic, PMMA can be processed by CNC turning to get a desired one. There are numerous PMMA CNC turning projects we have finished.

CNC Machined ABS Parts

The original ABS materials we purchase are all lumpy. Through CNC milling, we can process the ABS material from six sides.

Laser Cut Parts

Want to get high-volume plastic parts of high repeatability? Ruitai is your trustworthy plastic laser cutting manufacture partner. If you just need a prototype, we are also glad to help you.

Custom Machined Plastic Parts Fabrication

Are you looking for a full-service machined plastic parts manufacture partner? Ruitai is happy to assist your unique project.

As a full-service machined plastic parts supplier, Ruitai is dedicated to making high-quality machined plastic parts for you. You can depend on Ruitai for any kind of machined plastic parts.

Regarding the machining ways you can choose from Ruitai, there are 5 axis CNC machining and laser cutting available for you. If you have any requirements on size, surface smoothness, and quantity, we are fully capable of meeting your standard. As to the material, we can offer you more than 40 types of plastic: PMMA, POM, HDPE, ABS, PC, TPU, Silicone, PEEK, PEI, Nylon, etc.

When it comes to quality control, Ruitai also gets a comprehensive managing system. At the first stage of the designing part, we will make the threads and assembling details of the machined plastic parts all clear. Then, after the production step, our inspecting team will check the machined plastic parts accordingly with the assistance of the vernier calipers and height gauges.

Ruitai also has satisfying customer service. You can contact Ruitai by telephone and e-mail for more information about our machined plastic parts project. And we are pretty glad to receive your e-mail and help you address any problem.

Do you want to know more details about our machined plastic parts? If yes, you can contact us here!

Other Metal Machinings 

  • Aluminum CNC Machining

    CNC machining is precision machining, which is suitable for making plastic and metal components. Aluminum is one of the common metals used frequently in CNC machining.

  • CNC Copper Parts

    Ruitai suggests you choose the copper alloys to make the metal machined parts. This is because of its high corrosion and workability. And we often apply CNC turning and milling to produce copper alloy parts.

  • Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

    As a top-list metal choice in various machinings, stainless steel is preferred among the manufacturers of CNC machining, die casting, and sheet metal processing.

  • Brass Fabrication

    At Ruitai, we usually make brass components for screws, fasters, bolts, and nuts. They are anti-corrosion and decorative. If you need to make brass components with medium or mass production, Ruitai is glad to help you.


1. What Are Machined Plastic Parts?

Machined plastic parts refer to using the tools to remove the extra plastic to form specific plastic components. At Ruitai, there are over 50 sets of high-precision CNC machines and over 20 sets of laser cutters to make plastic or metal parts.

Through CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling, the plastic blocks will be formed into plastic components with specific thread and size. Besides, the laser cutters can also be applied to make high-precision plastic parts. In most cases, we combine CNC machining and laser cutting to make the precision plastic and metal parts.

Figure1 Machined Plastic Parts

2. Why Are Machined Plastic Parts Expensive?

The main reason relies on the tooling. If you choose CNC machining to get your machined plastic parts, you need to pay the first tooling cost. And the higher the accuracy the CNC machined can achieve, the higher the tooling cost.

3. Do You Offer Professional Machining Guidance for Machined Plastic Parts Project?

Yes, we offer you the machining guidance. According to your drawings, we will give custom machining guidance from wall thickness, surface treatment, and material.