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5-axis CNC Machining Services

Ruitai applies the lastest 5-axis machines to create metal and plastic prototypes with accuracy and efficiency. We are glad to offer you a custom solution for your machining project.

• Complex design prototypes;

• An array of surface finishes;

• CMM report;

• Quick response with 24/7 available;


Why Choose 5-axis Machining for Your Prototyping Project?

There are mainly 3 advantages of 5-axis machining for prototyping as below.

▲ Complex Prototypes. Compared to other CNC milling, 5-axis machining can create prototypes with complex design by X, Y, Z, A, and B axes.  It enables the machine to reach five sides of the part.

▲ High-speed. With the help of 5 axes, the machines can process the materials with one setup and fixture. It will greatly reduce the time spent on processing.

▲ High-precision. The tolerance of machinied metal prototypes can reach ±0.005mm.

At Ruitai, we apply 5-axis machining to create premium quality prototypes for the industries of automotive, medical, aerospace, electronics, etc.



1. What Is 5-Axis Machining?

This machining method is new to many businesses and fields, but since it has come into the market, it is known for its reliability and better production rates than all other techniques. No one expected this method to go into action so sooner, but with the advancements in technology, everything is now easily possible.

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You might also be aware of 3-axis and 4-axis machining methods. This is just the same but with the addition of one more axis possibility to the machine. You can now make your machine move to more angles producing high-resolution objects and parts for various business industries.

A machine working upon 5 axes can produce a lot more than expected in a lesser time with better quality and standards. 5-Axis Machining is doing just that. The traditional 3-Axis machining has been the talk of the past since it has come in the market, but many people still don’t prefer it because either they don’t know much about it or they find it quite expensive.

But all these are myths and will not be relatable once you know the fun facts and remarkable advantages of 5-Axis Machining. Also, once you know the appreciable benefits, the expense will seem to be a lot less as compared to the money you can make out of it.

2. Why the Lead Time is Lesser in 5-Axis Machining as Compared to Other Methods?

5-Axis Machining uses different axes to produce parts. This means more work in lesser cycles. Moreover, you usually have to spend lots of time with regular CNC Machining methods in creating intricate designs and geometrical figures. Plus, the finishing touches required afterward consume more time, too.

With 5-Axis Machining, you can simply produce these geometries and shapes easily without putting gin extra effort into the process. You would not have to go through the part production process again and again just to ensure the correct details being placed in the structure.

Moreover, 5-axis machining requires the machine to do more work with less turnaround time because of its ability to make more movements. This comes all together and decreases the lead time consumed in each part’s production.

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Another reason can be the enhanced mechanism and working of the CNC Milling machines used in the 5-Axis Machining process. These machines are specifically designed to decrease the lead time as much as possible and produce a part in less than a day that requires weeks to be completed.

Now you don’t have to worry about damaging the tools and machining system because of working at a high pace because these machines know how to run appropriately and produce admirable parts in the best rapid ways without causing any damage to the machine or to the material. That’s what 5-Axis Machining is really about, enhancement and modern technology!