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The Most Satisfying Aluminum Machining Parts Supplier in China

As one of the leading aluminum machining parts suppliers, Ruitai is aimed at keeping improving our machining capability to give you a satisfying aluminum machining service.

At Ruitai, we deliver aluminum machining parts from 1 pc to 10000 pcs to our clients around the world. Until now, the companies we have cooperated with are from almost every industry. Ruitai is confident to deliver satisfying aluminum machining parts to you no matter which industry you belong to.

Our customer service is also recognized as one of the most satisfactory one. The first reason relies on our high response rate. If you get any problem that needs our help, our team will respond to you and communicate with our engineers within 2 hours. The second reason is our energetic team. The average of the sales team is under 35 years old. We are passionate about help your aluminum machining parts production every day.

Ruitai is 24/7 available to hear from you!

Custom Anodized Aluminum Parts

We often apply CNC milling to make aluminum parts from 1 pc to 10000 pcs. Ruitai is a well-experienced aluminum CNC milling parts supplier. If you want to make aluminum machining parts with accuracy, just send an e-mail to Ruitai. Our team would respond to your e-mail ASAP.

Aluminum CNC Lathe Parts

CNC lathe parts can be the components for cars, bikes, and home appliances. At Ruitai, we can turn your aluminum machining project around.

Hardware Metal Bending Parts

If your aluminum sheet metal bending parts are for medium production, we would choose a semi-automatic processing method to finish your project. For mass production, we prefer to produce aluminum parts by full automation.

Aluminum Extrusions

Extrusion aluminum is a full-automation process. With full-suite equipment, Ruitai would like your custom aluminum extrusions with high efficiency and fast delivery.

Aluminum Die Casting Parts

For the aluminum die casting project, Ruitai would like to help you make dies and maintain them for you. And we usually apply aluminum die casting for mass production, which will greatly reduce the cost.

3D Aluminum Printing Parts

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) uses lasers to solidify and combine aluminum powders into layers to produce 3D objects. And you can depend on us to finish your aluminum 3D printing project.

Ruitai Is Your High-quality Aluminum Machining Parts Supplier in China

Do you want to get high-quality aluminum machining parts from a professional supplier? Ruitai is a preferred aluminum machining parts supplier you can rely on.

We can understand what you feel worried about. Since there are so many aluminum machining parts suppliers in China, you can hardly distinguish what suppliers can make high-quality aluminum machining parts for you.

We are a certified supplier with ISO9001:2015. It can fully improve that every step of our machining can meet the highest standard. With the support of our CNC machines and state-of-art equipment, Ruitai can meet your any aluminum machining parts needs on the quantity and precision. Our aluminum machining parts are also of high precision which can be up to ±0.008mm.

If you are still worried about quality, we can make some small samples for you free of charge. Then, you can check the quality of our aluminum machining parts. Once you’re satisfied, we’d be glad to be your long-term machining partner.

Just contact Ruitai now!

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1. What Types of Aluminum Available for Your Aluminum Machining Parts Production?

At Ruitai, there is an array of aluminum materials to make aluminum machined parts: AL5005, AL5050, AL5052, AL5056, AL5083, AL5086, AL5182, AL6061-T6, AL6061-T351, AL6063, AL6082, AL6262, AL6060, AL1050, AL1060, AL1100, AL2024, AL2017, AL7075, etc. You can make any type of material to do an aluminum machining project. Different type of aluminum has various properties and we need to choose the most suitable aluminum to finish our project well.

Figure1 Aluminum Machining Parts

2. In Which Process Way Do You Choose to Finish Your Aluminum Machining Parts Project?

At Ruitai, we get CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC drilling, die casting, sheet metal stamping to create aluminum machining parts project.


3. How Long Will It Take You to Finish Your Aluminum Machining Parts Project?

All in all, it depends on the project. Many factors will affect your project: the quantity, the process method, the complexity of your design, surface treatment, etc. You can send us your drawings and we quote for you soon. Then, you will know how long it will take to finish your aluminum machining parts project.


4. Can You Make Aluminum Machining Prototypes?

Yes, we can make aluminum machining prototypes. Ruitai has rich experience in making prototypes. The minimum quantity of aluminum machining prototypes is 1 pc. So, you do no need to worry about it.