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Precision Metal Parts Manufacture

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Precision Metal Parts Manufacturing

With expertise in precision metal parts fabrication, Ruitai is glad to support you from prototyping to mass production.

As to the metal materials range, we get an array of them: stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, and so on. And these metal materials we use to make precision metal parts are of excellent performance.

At Ruitai, there are a variety of processing methods for your choice: CNC milling /turning/sheet metal processing/metal 3d printing. And our professional engineers are glad to help you select the best cost-effective way for your precision metal parts project. And we are dedicated to delivering top-quality precision metal parts to you.

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Aluminum Turned Parts

CNC turned parts play a role in various accessories in aerospace/transportation/electronics.

Precision CNC Milling

The cutters remove the extra materials to build high-precision metal parts.

Custom Aluminum Sheet Metal Parts

Sheet metal is one of the most common machining ways to produce precision sheet metal parts from welding, forming, joining to stamping.

Why Choose Ruitai to Create Precision Metal Parts?

Ruitai is your trusted partner to serve your precision metal parts fabrication needs. With the assistance of our advanced 5 axis CNC machines, we take pride in our quality metal parts with a tolerance of ±0.008mm.

There is a wide range of industries we have been involved in from home-appliance to aerospace industries. Just because of the extensive experience, we are confident to accelerate your precision metal parts project with high quality.

Our precision metal parts fabrication is also customizable. Once you send us files and detailed specifications, we will strictly produce them according to your standards. If there are some improper details in your design, we will point them out and give you a better solution.

Do you get any questions about us? We are always online to help you.


1.What Are Precison Metal Parts?

Precision metal parts are the parts of high accuracy with less human error. It means that we can achieve full-automatic and semi-automatic machining. The machine operators just need to operate the machines which have been programmed by professional engineers. It makes every piece of metal part exactly the same.

Precision Metal Parts2

Figure1 Precision Metal Parts

2.How Are Precision Metal Parts Made?

Two important factors determine the precision of your metal parts: the metal materials and the processing machines you choose.

  1. Metal materials. You need to select the most suitable metal to produce your desired one. Different metals have various mechanical properties. For example, brass and copper are ideal materials to produce decorative metal parts. And aluminum is a favorable metal for die casting and CNC machining for its excellent anti-corrosion and electrical conductivity. So, the metal materials’ properties will greatly affect the performance and precision of the finished metal parts.
  2. The machines. The machines you choose to make the metal parts are of different tolerance. The 5 axis CNC can help you produce high-precision metal parts. Meanwhile, the metal parts produced by 3D printing machines can hardly reach tolerance because of their limitations. And with the advanced and high-precision, you can get the metal parts with the sizes according to your specification.

At Ruitai, there are various processing methods available to produce precision metal parts:

  • CNC machining
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Die casting
  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • Metal 3D printing

If you want to produce high-precision and custom metal parts, Ruitai is willing to turn your drawings into real innovative metal parts.