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On-demand Automotive Prototyping Service in China

We are confident to deliver you premium automotive prototypes according to your demand. There are Ruitai’s capability for car prototyping.

▲ Rapid prototyping. We apply rapid prototyping methods to create car bumpers, lights, grills, panels, etc.

▲ Rapid tooling and molding. To give you low and medium production of car parts, tooling and molding are available.

▲ Multipe materials choices. The material range covers ABS, PMMA, PC, POM, PEEK, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.

Plastic Automotive Prototyping


Metal Automotive Prototyping

Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, etc.

Clay Automotive Prototyping

Different scale models including 1:1;1:4;1:8;1:16, etc.

Plastic 3D Printed Automotive Prototypes

SLA and SLS rapid prototyping.

Vacuum Casting Automotive Prototypes

Car bumpers, panels, grills, doors and some other car parts.

Automotive Prototyping with Sheet Metal

Stamping, bending, laser cutting, and welding.

What Are 3 Types of Automotive Prototyping Available at Ruitai?

Doing the prototyping test has been a vital step to ensure the feasibility of the car design. At Ruitai, we offer you 3 types of techonogies to support your automotive prototyping projects.

☞CNC Machining. There is a vast range of materials, grades, and allows available you can choose from depending upon your needs. Its biggest benefit relies on its high-precision processing, which can reach ±0.008mm.

☞3D Printing. It is a great way to create automotive parts with complex designs. SLS and SLA rapid prototyping are two printing technologies we support.

☞Vacuum Casting. Using Vacuum Casting can help you produce flexible plastic automotive parts for your cars. It’s also an economical choice if you want to do low-volume production.

If you are hesitant to get your prototyping project d one by a new automotive prototyping company, Ruitai can make a free sample for you first.


Automotive Prototyping Services


1. What Can Methods Enhance the Fine Outlook of the Automotive Prototypes?

These are the techniques that can be used to enhance the outlook of your car parts.

3D Printing Automotive Model

The prototypes manufactured often can be rough due to facing the wear and tear of the heavy machinery. Thus, professional prototype manufacturers and suppliers can do some of the following post-processing methods to make it all right.

  • Metal or Chrome Plating
  • Anodizing
  • Using UV light
  • Powder Coating for Finer Finish
  • Electroplating to Make the Prototype Shinier
  • Polishing the Surfaces to Make Them Smoother
  • Painting or Spraying for Better Texture
  • Sanding the Prototype for a Better Surface