Custom Polycarbonate
A Well-experienced and Superior Custom Polycarbonate Fabricator for Your Project

Ruitai offers you an cost-effective and high-precision solution


Ruitai-A Reliable Manufacturer for Your Custom Polycarbonate Design

Ruitai treats every custom polycarbonate project with 100% effort to meet first-class standards. With expertise in plastic machining, we keep ourselves patient and professional for years.

Through year’s exploration, we gradually get a complete and professional team for any kind of custom project. As to the production team, we are hard-working and experienced with more than 10 years in machining. As to the engineers, we offer you the most economical and suitable solution towards your specification of your custom polycarbonate design.

As to our sales team, we are 24/7 online for you. If you are not sure of the details about your order, we will contact you via e-mail/Whatsapp/Wechat/Linked-in. Just contact us now!


Low-volume Milling Prototyping 

Ruitai offers you high-precision CNC milling&turning PC parts as to your specifications. We are fully skilled and experienced with it.

Custom Polycarbonate Parts by CNC Drilling

Our CNC drilling provides high-quality machining with polycarbonate material. These plastic drilling parts can be of different shapes and tight tolerance.

Custom Polycarbonate Parts by Injection Molding

Ruitai can manufacture custom polycarbonate parts by injection molding for you. And we will match the color of the PC parts in conformance with your color requirements.

Custom Polycarbonate Parts by 3D Printing

These are transparent polycarbonate parts. We can produce these parts by 3D printing(SLS). PC is one kind of plastic material that could be manufactured by 3D printing.

Custom Polycarbonate Products for Home-appliances

The home-appliance like juice extractor uses polycarbonate, which can ensure the rigidity of the shell in case of breaking. And Ruitai offers a one-stop service for your home appliances.

Metal Milling Enclosures

Many electronic devices’ outer shells can use Polycarbonate. And Ruitai offers you prototyping and mass production for your PC enclosures with high precision.

Your Excellent Manufacturer Partner of Custom Polycarbonate Project

Ruitai is one of the most recognized manufacturers in China and is famous for the high-quality machining for custom polycarbonate projects.

We get our CNC machines/injection molding machines/3D printers. No matter which processing way you want to choose, Ruitai will satisfy you with the highest quality for your plastic machining.

As to the tolerance, we can reach ±0.008mm for your custom polycarbonate project. To achieve it, we do strict inspections on quality control. Our professional engineers would do check the PC parts several times with thread gauge/CMM/Height gauge. That’s one of the reasons why we can provide you with high-precision custom polycarbonate parts.

If you want to know more about our plastic machining, just contact us now!


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Custom Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is a transparent plastic that has been widely applied in broad industries. For example, automotive parts, glasses, medical devices, defense, greenhouse, and lighting. It has many advantages: high strength/ impact/heat resistance. Besides, even though there are colored polycarbonate materials, it is still transparent or semi-transparent inside. 

Our machining services can be customized. It means that we could produce the plastic parts as to your every requirement of your files. We are a fully equipped supplier. CNC drilling/milling/turning are always available for you if you have any related projects to do. And we can also provide you with all kinds of plastic secondary machining. It will save you time and money if you choose us.

If you are not sure about polycarbonate and its extra benefits for your plastic project, you can drop us an e-mail and we would like to tell you what the most economical machining solution is.

Custom Polycarbonate for CNC Machining


1. Why Custom Polycarbonate Is Used Frequently?

Undoubtedly, it is a very beneficial plastic, which can be applied in the high demanding parts. In our daily life, it is a better substitute of glass and UV filters. 

CNC Milling for Polycarbonate

2. What Are the Advantages of Polycarbonate?

Even though polycarbonate is a very high-impact material, it can be scratched easily. Because of this, it usually needs to add a film on the surface of Polycarbonate glass.