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CNC Carbon Fiber Manufacture

Ruitai offers you a full suite of CNC machining carbon fiber services from CNC milling, CNC drilling to CNC turning. This allows us to make unrivaled quality CNC carbon fiber parts for your UAV/automotive/bicycle parts.

The 3D files you send us will be analyzed carefully for the support of our professional engineers with more than 15 years’ experience. Besides, it would be better if you can also send us your 2D files. Because it will help us know the details about the tolerance range of the threads.

Ruitai is always here to receive your 2D and 3D files here!


CNC Milling Carbon Fiber

We can apply the CNC milling tool to machine carbon fiber materials effectively.

Carbon Fiber Parts

Some car parts like bumpers and spoilers are in high demand in durability.

Motorcycle Carbon Fiber Parts

Want to get your custom motorcycle carbon fiber parts? Ruitai provides you with CNC machining carbon fiber components with lower cost and high quality.

What Are the Applications of CNC Carbon Fiber Parts in Different Industries?

There are numerous applications of CNC carbon fiber parts across various industries: Aerospace, automotive, medical, sports equipment, robotics, marine, etc.

Aerospace: Aircraft wings, fuselage, interior components, and other critical components.

Automotive: Engine components, body panels, spoilers, and suspension parts.

Medical: Prosthetic limbs, implants, surgical tools, and other medical equipment.

Sports Equipment: Tennis rackets, golf clubs, bicycle frames, hockey sticks, skis, and so on.

Robotics: Robot arms, grippers, and end-effectors.

Marine: Components for boats, yachts, and other marine components.

Why Choosing Carbon Fiber for CNC Machining?

Carbon fiber has an array of engineering properties which makes it a good choice for CNC machining. Here are some of its excellent properties below:

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: That’s why carbon fiber is an ideal choice for applications that require high strength and stiffness without adding additional weight.

Low Thermal Expansion: It means that it does not expand much with changes in high temperature.

High Stiffness: It can resist bending and deformation.

Chemical Resistance: CNC carbon fiber parts can bear the harsh environments where exposure to chemicals.

Corrosion Resistance

Versatility: Carbon fiber can be machined into complex shapes and forms.

Durability: It can withstand extreme environments and harsh conditions.