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A Comprehensive CNC Carbon Fiber Service Supplier in China

Ruitai offers you a full suite of CNC machining carbon fiber services from CNC milling, CNC drilling to CNC turning. This allows us to make unrivaled quality CNC carbon fiber parts for your UAV/automotive/bicycle parts.

The 3D files you send us will be analyzed carefully for the support of our professional engineers with more than 15 years’ experience. Besides, it would be better if you can also send us your 2D files. Because it will help us know the details about the tolerance range of the threads.

Ruitai is always here to receive your 2D and 3D files here!


CNC Milling Carbon Fiber

We can apply the CNC milling tool to machine carbon fiber materials effectively. Ruitai would like to finish your CNC milling carbon fiber project with high efficiency and performance.

Machined Carbon Fiber Parts

CNC drilling helps a lot to produce CNC carbon fiber parts of specific sizes. You can take Ruitai into your consideration because our CNC carbon fiber machining service is well-recognized in China.

Machined Carbon Fiber Parts

Ruitai is a bespoke CNC carbon fiber manufacturer with a fast lead time and excellent performance. If you already have an upcoming project, we would turn your CNC turning project around.

UAV Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon fiber is lightweight but strong, which is a super suitable material for aircraft components. And we would make carbon fiber prototypes by CNC machining.

Carbon Fiber Parts

Some car parts like bumpers and spoilers are in high demand in durability. Carbon fiber is a good choice for your car parts. We would produce your CNC carbon fiber car parts with exceptional quality.

Motorcycle Carbon Fiber Parts

Want to get your custom motorcycle carbon fiber parts? Ruitai provides you with CNC machining carbon fiber components with lower cost and high quality.

Your Superior CNC Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturer – Ruitai 

As a certified company with ISO9001:2015, Ruitai is a professional CNC carbon fiber manufacturer. With the assistance of our over 50 sets of CNC machines, we have the capability and confidence to make CNC carbon fiber parts from low volume production to mass production.

The carbon fiber materials are from superior manufacturers. That’s one of the reasons that we can ensure you high-quality CNC carbon fiber components with superior performance. As to each CNC carbon fiber project, we always care about our clients’ satisfaction with the carbon fiber parts we made. Then you can point out the unsatisfying part, which will make us improve our CNC carbon fiber fabrication service.

Until now, over 95% of the companies we have cooperated with are satisfied with our Carbon fiber services. We are happy to hear their satisfaction when they receive their CNC carbon fiber parts.

If you are interested, you can send us an e-mail here! Ruitai is always here to reply to your e-mail!



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    We deliver you stainless steel turned parts according to your drawings from low volume production to high volume production.

  • 3D Printing Parts

    3D printing has accelerated the production of metal and plastic parts. Ruitai can not only do plastic 3D printing but also metal 3D printing projects. You can choose Ruitai to finish your 3D printing parts project.

  • 5-Axis Machining

    With the support of 5 axes, CNC machines can help you to create the components with higher precision and more excellent performance.

  • CNC Bike Parts

    As to bike parts, we can also apply carbon fiber to make your CNC bike parts. We would be very happy to make your CNC bike parts with a fast delivery time.




1. What Is CNC Carbon Fiber?

CNC carbon fiber is the process that makes the carbon fiber components by using CNC milling/drilling/turning. We use the CNC tools to make your desired carbon fiber parts with high accuracy. At Ruitai, we get our 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis to serve your needs on CNC carbon fiber components. We also get a tight tolerance with ±0.008mm.

And Carbon fiber is a material with strength as steel, lightweight, chemical resistance, and heat resistance. That’s why it can be a superior material to make components in the industry of automotive/aerospace/home-appliance.

Figure1-CNC Carbon Fiber

2. Is it safe to Use CNC Machines to Make Carbon Fiber Components?

Yes, it’s very safe to use CNC machines to make carbon fiber components. It’s almost an automatic process. The workers need to be trained before they control the CNC machines. After receiving training, the workers would know how to operate the CNC machines correctly and know all the details to control the machines to ensure the quality of the carbon fiber parts. Except that, before opening the CNC machines our engineers have set up the program to let these machines run automatically. All the workers just need to do the operations accordingly. If you get any CNC carbon fiber projects to do, Ruitai would like to be your manufacturing partner.


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