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Ruitai is a leading supplier of metal 3D printing service in China. We offer high-quality 3D printing metal parts to our clients for years. The secrets of our confidence rely on the expertise and enthusiasm in metal 3d printing.

With 100% focus on the quality of the 3D printing project, we have cooperated with 1000+ clients worldwide. Your satisfaction is always our motivation to look forward. Before quotation, you can sign NDA files with us to protect your design. If you worry about our quality, we are glad to send a sample to you in advance.

We are 24/7 available for your metal 3D printing project. Our team will always keep in touch with you if you want to know more details about the processing.

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Metal 3D Printing by DMLS

DMLS(direct metal laser sintering) is a common 3D printing technique by fusing the metal powder layer by layer to make metal parts.

Metal 3D Printing

SLM(Selective laser melting) is very similar to DMLS. Both of them belong to powder bed fusion 3D printing. The differece is that SLM processes the metal powder with one single melting temperature.

Metal 3D Printing

The process of EBM(Electron Beam Melting) is as same as SLM. However, EBM uses electron instead of laser.

Metal 3D Printing

3D printing metal parts are lightweight and delicate. They are very suitable for usage in the industry of aerospace. We are a well-experienced manufacturer for 3D printing metal parts. If you get any project to do, you can contact us anytime.

3D Printing Metal Parts for Automotive

In general, the automotive companies spend a large amout of money on prototyping and manufacturing. Metal 3D printing can help the automotive company to do prototypes with high-efficiency.

Additive Manufacturing Service-Medical Parts 

Medical products asks for high demand on the accuracy. Metal 3D printing would be a exceptional choice for you.

Ruitai-Your Superior Metal 3D Printing Manufacturer in China

As a well-known metal 3D printing company, Ruitai has been improving the 3D printing service these years. We can not only make plastic 3D printing, but also metal 3D printing. As to the types of metal 3D printing we can do for you, there are DMLS/SLM/EBM available at Ruitai, which all belong to use metal powder by bed fusion 3D printing.

There are Aluminum/Stainless Steel/Copper/Inconel/Titanium available for your metal 3D printing project. If you want to start your prototype or production now, we are glad to support you anytime.

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Other Products

  • CNC Machining Car Parts

    CNC machining is a pretty good chioce for car parts’ prototyping and mass production with high quality. At Ruitai, we offer you cost-effective CNC machining solution for your car parts.

  • Plastic Overmolding 

    At Ruitai, we offer a full range of plastics available for your plastic overmolding project. There are TPE/ABS/PEEK/Acrylic/PE/PEI/POM/PP, etc.

  • Custom Aluminum Fabrication

    Our aluminum material is from superior manufacturer. And our aluminum fabrication is customizable. We can make the aluminum parts according to your specifications.

  • Precision Turning Parts2

    At Ruitai, we get CNC turning machines to ensure your turning parts with high precision. Our professional engineers are glad to help you solve all kinds of problem all the time.

  • Vacuum Casting Parts

    Ruitai has been in the field of vacuum casting since 2006. These years, we have cooperated many companies in almost every industry. We are confident to make high-quality vacuum casting parts for you.


1. What Is Metal 3D Printing?

Metal 3D printing makes metal parts by fusing the metal powder layer by layer. It is considered as the subsititude of CNC machining. The 3D printing metal parts are typically durable and hard as metals. So, metal 3D printing has not only the flexibility of 3D printing and also the precision of metal machining. Besides, metal 3D pritning can creat metal parts with complex structures. Thus, we can apply metal 3D priting to molding and also the light structural aerospance parts.

Metal 3D Printing

Figure1 Metal 3D Printing

2.What Metal Materials Are Suitable for Metal 3D Printing?

There are several metals suitable for metal 3D printing:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Inconel
  • Titanium

Metal 3D Printing2

Figure2 Metal 3D Printing2

3. What Are the Pros and Cons of Metal 3D Printing?

As an advanced modern technology, Metal 3D printing helps our 3d printing projects a lot.

To further understand metal 3D printing, we are glad to introduce its pros and cons.


  1. Compared to traditional machining, metal 3D printing is much quicker;
  2. Metal 3D printing would cause less raw material waste and is lighter in weight. With no raw material waste, it is environment-friendly. Besides, metal 3D printing can produce metal parts with thinner wall thickness, which traditional machining can hardly achieve.
  3. It can make metal parts with complicated designs. When we want to make metal parts with complex designs, metal 3D printing will help us a lot. Because it has the freedom to print any metal parts with any design. And it also doesn’t need the help of other tools like drills


  1. Metal 3D printing is not suitable for mass production;
  2. Both 3D printers and metal powder are expensive. The overall cost of metal 3D printing is relative. Metal 3D Printing allows metal parts with more innovative design. Meanwhile, when the designs of the metal parts are not so complicated, people prefer to choose traditional machining, which costs less;
  3. Metal 3D printing can not be as precise as machining and also needs to do heat treatment;
  4. Metal 3D printing requires well-skilled engineers because the design of 3d metal parts is more complicated than other machinings.

We have benefited a lot from metal 3D printing these years. Now, it still needs to be upgraded to lower the cost. If you are looking for a supplier of metal 3D printing service, Ruitai is glad to help you!

Metal 3D Printing3

Figure3 Metal 3D Printing3

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