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Metal 3D Printing Service: SLS Rapid Prototyping

Ruitai offers metal 3D printing service to create low-volume prototypes. The main printing technique that we apply is SLS rapid prototyping.

We have 10+ sets of printers to support your metal prototyping project. It helps us to create high-quality metal prototypes with high efficiency. If you want to scale up the production, the Ruitai team will assist you by CNC machining and die casting.

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Metal 3D Printing by DMLS

Through 3D printing, we create intricate metal prototypes for various industries: automotive, bicycle, medical, etc.

SLS Rapid Prototyping Service

The main technology that we apply for metal prototyping is SLS rapid prototyping.

Metal 3D Printing

3D printing metal parts are lightweight and delicate. They are very suitable for usage in the industry of aerospace.

Why Choose Ruitai for Metal 3D Printing?

Ruitai has been improving the 3D printing service these years. We can not only make plastic 3D printing, but also metal 3D printing.

SLS rapid prototyping allows us to create intricate and precise designs that were once thought impossible with traditional manufacturing methods.

It allows for greater design flexibility, reduced material waste, and faster production times compared to traditional subtractive manufacturing techniques.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality, customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. We work closely with our customers to ensure that each part is designed and produced to their exact specifications, providing a tailored approach to each project.

At Ruitai, the common materials we apply for metal printing include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, inconel, etc. For other materials, you can send us your requirements.

Whether you need prototypes for testing, small production runs, or large-scale manufacturing, our custom metal 3D printing service can deliver the precise and reliable results you require. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help bring your ideas to life!



1. What Is Metal 3D Printing?

Metal 3D printing makes metal parts by fusing the metal powder layer by layer. It is considered as the subsititude of CNC machining. The 3D printing metal parts are typically durable and hard as metals. So, metal 3D printing has not only the flexibility of 3D printing and also the precision of metal machining. Besides, metal 3D pritning can creat metal parts with complex structures. Thus, we can apply metal 3D priting to molding and also the light structural aerospance parts.

2. What Are the Pros and Cons of Metal 3D Printing?

As an advanced modern technology, Metal 3D printing helps our 3d printing projects a lot.

To further understand metal 3D printing, we are glad to introduce its pros and cons.


  1. Compared to traditional machining, metal 3D printing is much quicker;
  2. Metal 3D printing would cause less raw material waste and is lighter in weight. With no raw material waste, it is environment-friendly. Besides, metal 3D printing can produce metal parts with thinner wall thickness, which traditional machining can hardly achieve.
  3. It can make metal parts with complicated designs. When we want to make metal parts with complex designs, metal 3D printing will help us a lot. Because it has the freedom to print any metal parts with any design. And it also doesn’t need the help of other tools like drills


  1. Metal 3D printing is not suitable for mass production;
  2. Both 3D printers and metal powder are expensive. The overall cost of metal 3D printing is relative. Metal 3D Printing allows metal parts with more innovative design. Meanwhile, when the designs of the metal parts are not so complicated, people prefer to choose traditional machining, which costs less;
  3. Metal 3D printing can not be as precise as machining and also needs to do heat treatment;
  4. Metal 3D printing requires well-skilled engineers because the design of 3d metal parts is more complicated than other machinings.

Now, it still needs to be upgraded to lower the cost. If you are looking for a supplier of metal 3D printing service, Ruitai is glad to help you!