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After working with over 1000+ customers in various industries, Ruitai knows exactly what you are concerned about on your copper machining project. And what we can do for you is high-quality copper machining service with fast lead-time, quick delivery time, and timely communication.

When your copper machining project remains in the designing phase, if you need our professional advice on choosing the best surface treatment and processing method, Ruitai would be glad to give you the best suggestions accordingly. If you worry about design privacy, Ruitai can also sign a Confidential Agreement with you to get mutual trust.

Just Contact Ruitai now to know more about How We Use CNC Machines to Make Copper Parts with high precision!

CNC Copper Parts

Ruitai uses CNC machining to produce copper parts of high precision. For short-run and long-run production, we can do that for you.

CNC Milling Copper Parts

With the commitment of providing you with high-quality copper parts, Ruitai would personalize your CNC milling copper project.

Copper 101 Machined Parts

Copper 101 has high conductivity and corrosion resistance. So, it has a wide application in electronics devices.

Copper Machining 

Copper 110 is very similar to copper 101 except for the different alloy content. If you require any professional machining solution on your copper machining project, our well-experienced engineers would help you.


Knurled Copper Parts

Apart from CNC copper machining, Ruitai can also offer you customized secondary services like knurling and grinding.

Copper & Brass Turned Parts

Brass is the one type of alloy combining zinc and copper. No matter which industry you are in, we will assist your copper and brass prototype.

Ruitai Is A High-precision and custom Copper Machining Manufacturer in China

Ruitai takes pride in high-precision and custom CNC copper machining. We have been in this field for 15+ years. During this period, Ruitai has developed many professional experts and skilled workers. Because of their support, we are confident to turn your copper machining project around.

As the processing methods, we mainly apply CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling to make copper parts with simple or intricate designs. There are over 50 sets of 5 axis CNC machines at Ruitai. So we are proud that we can provide copper machining service with tight tolerance up to ±0.008mm.

The drawing formats Ruitai can accept are igs, x-t, step, and stp, which are the most common formats. We will analyze your drawings carefully once you send them to us. Ruitai will offer you the most professional and customizable copper solution.

Looking for a high-precision copper machining service? Just drop us a message here! Ruitai is always here to discuss more details with you!


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  • Stainless Steel Turned Parts

    Stainless steel is also superior metal like copper to make the CNC turned parts. And it has multiple applications in the industries of automotive, aerospace, and bicycle.

  • Custom Rubber Molding

    Rubber plays a role in plastic molding. We usually use injection molding to create the molding parts. And we also offer you custom rubber molding service from 1 pc to 10000 pcs.

  • Plastic Aircraft Parts 

    As to 3D printing, there are SLA and SLS for your plastic or metal print projects. And 3D printing is particularly suitable for prototyping. If you get any new designs to make prototypes, we highly recommend 3D printing.

  • CNC Auto Parts

    At Ruitai, we have cooperated with various automotive and bicycle companies on the carbon fiber project. In most cases, you just need to send us the CAD files and our team will do the rest for you.


1. What Are the Benefits of Copper CNC Machining?

At Ruitai, we choose CNC machining to make delicate and decorative copper parts. Here are some benefits of copper CNC machining we would like to share with you.

  • Strong machinability. Copper is very soft, which is suitable for combining with other metals to create alloys like brass. And,it would be easier to apply CNC machining to process copper to make copper parts with high tolerance.
  • Anti-corrosion. Copper has strong anti-corrosion, which can make copper parts expose the environments of acid and saltwater sprays.
  • Electrical conductivity.

Figure1 Copper Machining Parts

2. What Are the Exact Steps If We Choose You to Finish Our CNC Copper Machining Project?

With years’ experience in CNC copper machining, we know all the properties and applications of copper. Once you send us the drawings, we will analyze them carefully and select the most suitable copper and surface treatments for your copper machining project. After receiving your PO and deposit, we will start the arrange the production line for you.

When we’re halfway through production, we will send you several pictures and videos to show the actual processing. When the project is finished, we will send some pictures and videos to you to show the products’ final performance. After receiving your approval and address confirmation, then we will send them to you by FedEx/UPS/EMS/DHL. During the delivery, we will keep tracking the order to ensure the safety of the products. After confirming that you have received the parcel, we will get feedback from you. And your satisfaction is one of the top things we care about. If you are not satisfied, we would redo them for you.


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