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If you are finding an extrusion aluminum partner with superior quality, Ruitai is your right choice.

Ruitai-Your Custom Extrusion Aluminum Manufacturer in China

Over 15+ years Ruitai maintains a good reputation on high-quality custom extrusion aluminum. To serve your unique production needs, we offer you a complete production line and custom solution for your extrusion aluminum system.

You may require high volume or low volume production on your custom extrusion aluminum parts with a simple design or sophisticated design. We can manufacture these extrusion aluminum parts with high speed and superior quality. Typically, it just needs 7 days to turn around your extrusion aluminum production. And we appreciate the long-term and close cooperation relationship with you.

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Figure2 Aluminum Extrusions

Extrusion aluminum can reduce oil consumption and carbon emission if we use extrusion aluminum in the transportation industry. Besides, its high recyclability makes it more environment-friendly. Ruitai is glad to be your supplier partner to turn your transportation extrusion aluminum project around.

Extrusion Aluminum in Electronics

Extrusion aluminum has wide applications in the electronics industry. Normally, most outer shells of electrical appliances like computers and mobile phones are produced by extrusion aluminum. We are fully experienced in extrusion aluminum and offer you the most cost-effective solution.

Extrusion Aluminum

At Ruitai, we provide a variety of aluminum series from al6063, al6061, to other aluminum alloys for your medical accessories. If you want to do surface treatment, we can also offer you anodizing/polishing/powder coating to reduce your cost.

Extrusion Aluminum in Aerospace

Extrusion aluminum parts have excellent anti-corrosion and strength-to-weight ratios, which make them suitable for aerospace parts.

Extrusion Aluminum

Anodizing can apply to extrusion aluminum parts and make them anticorrosive and colorful. Ruitai can do anodizing for your aluminum parts.

Extrusion Aluminum

Powder coating can protect the surface of the extrusion aluminum parts. Then these parts would be more durable.

Ruitai-A Superior Extrusion Aluminum Supplier with High Quality

At Ruitai, we will transfer your extrusion aluminum drawings into reality from 1 pc to 15000pcs. If you choose Ruitai to do extrusion aluminum, you will get professional engineering guidance and cost-effective fabrication.

Ruitai has built a long-term cooperation relationship with companies in various industries: aerospace, automotive, medical devices, electronics, ships, and so on. And we are an ISO9001:2015 compliant company. Every step of our processing can meet the highest industry standard.

Except for extrusion aluminum, we can also offer you custom 5 axis CNC machining for your post-machining project. Precision CNC turning/milling/drilling are all available for your selection to meet any of your requirements.

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1. What Is Extrusion Aluminum?

Extrusion aluminum is a popular technique that makes the aluminum alloy with the desired section. It makes a piece of round or square billet go through a die, which has less cross-sectional area than the original billet. Typically, there are two ways to squeeze the aluminum alloy: cold and hot. We can make the extrusion aluminum parts according to the types. And it has a broad application in building/medical/electronics/electrical/transportation/ships, and so on.

Extrusion aluminum1

Figure1 Extrusion Aluminum Parts

2. What Are the Benefits of Using Extrusion Aluminum Parts?

Extrusion aluminum parts are pretty popular in various industries and there are some reasons for their popularity.

  • Eco-friendly

The recovery of extrusion aluminum parts can reach 100% without damage physically. It has lower oil consumption and carbon dioxide emission, which means that it is pretty environment-friendly.

  • Wide applications

Aluminum has excellent properties including anti-corrosion, electrical conductivity, and ductile. Therefore, extrusion aluminum parts have a wide application in almost every industry.

  • Can do more surface treatment

Extrusion aluminum parts can do many kinds of surface treatment including anodizing/polishing/powder coating/painting to protect the surface.

  • Customizable

Typically, the manufacturer would do extrusion aluminum parts according to your unique design and detailed specifications. You can get any extrusion aluminum parts of any size and type. Ruitai also offers custom extrusion aluminum fabrication with cost-effective machining.

  • Variable strength

Extrusion aluminum parts have various strengths and excellent strength-to-weight ratios to meet different applications. We can increase the strength of the place we want to increase the internal wall thickness. It makes the extrusion aluminum parts preferred parts in the aerospace industry.

Extrusion aluminum5

Figure2 Extrusion Aluminum Parts2

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