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Ruitai – An Excellent Custom CNC Aluminum Supplier

With more than 15+ years of experience in CNC machining, Ruitai offers custom CNC Aluminum Processing service for you. Through years of working experience in the field of CNC aluminum machining, our departments can coordinate each other very well. Once you send us 3D files, we can give you a fast quote.

Besides, our CNC machines are also fully prepared for your project. Our CNC machines mainly involves CNC Aluminum Turning /CNC Aluminum Milling/CNC Drilling. We are confident that we can finish your custom CNC aluminum project with high quality and fast turnaround.

Once you send us your design files, we will start your custom CNC aluminum project immediately.

CNC Aluminum Turning is usually used for producing round aluminum parts. Combining the usage of cutting tool and other mechanical tools to remove extra material.

CNC Aluminum Milling

This process is using the tool to tap a hole on the parts according to specific data. Usually, the clients will specify the actual size on their files. The inspectors need to do several inspections on these holes.

Custom CNC Aluminum Drilling Parts

Ruitai uses the tool to tap a hole on the parts according to specific data. Usually, the clients will specify the actual size on their files. And our quality inspectors need to do several inspections on these holes.

Custom CNC Aluminum Knuring Parts

The Custom CNC Aluminum Parts often need to do more processing after CNC machining. For example, tapping and knurling, etc.

Rapid Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Parts

Laser Cutting is a progress that uses laser to get desired shaped parts by a laser beam. And it’s very suitable for mock-up.

Aluminum CNC Machining

This process makes the surface of the aluminum parts look more beautiful.There are many kinds of surface treatment for Custom CNC Aluminum Parts. For example, Painting, Anodizing, Electroplating, Laser Carving, etc

Your Top-quality CNC Aluminum Parts Partner in China

Why choose us for your Custom CNC Aluminum Parts project?  This is because Ruitai has a reputation for high-quality on CNC Aluminum machining in China. Ruitai attaches great importance to quality of Custom CNC Aluminum parts. All of us are committed to offering high-quality and economical CNC aluminum parts for you.

Our engineers have the expertise in Custom CNC Aluminum parts. Because different industry has different requirement in tolerance. After receiving your 3D files, they will analyse the files firstly in order to 100% guarantee the accuracy of the programme.

In order to further control the quality,  we have several inspection machines for your Custom CNC aluminum parts project : Vernier Caliper/CMM/Height Gauge/Quadratic Element Instrument/Thread Gauge. During the production, our quality inspectors will do multiple testing on your Custom CNC Aluminum Parts. Before delivery, we will send you testing report to you.

We also get ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Certified. Our high-precision CNC Aluminum Parts can reach ±0.08mm tolerance. If you get any project on Custom CNC Aluminum Parts, please remember to contact us at anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Custom CNC Aluminum Parts Strong?

Yes, Custom CNC  aluminum parts are strong. Many kinds of aluminum material are suitable for CNC machining especially aluminum 6061. Aluminum has a lot of excellent properties like its toughness and corrosion resistance.

CNC Aluminum

Figure1 Custom CNC Aluminum Processing

2.What Surface Treatment You Can Provide For Custom CNC Aluminum Parts?

We can offer you a variety of surface treatments for your custom CNC aluminum parts: Painting, Anodizing, Electroplating, Laser Carving, Silk Screen, Aluminum Brush, Powder Coat, Silver Plating, Zinc Plating, etc.

(1)Painting can make the surface of metal parts more smooth and corrosion resistant. In general, the results can be achieved: smooth/dumb/semi-smooth/sand surface. And we have our own dust-free fuel injection room and spray the hand-processed samples with the corresponding colors according to your requirements.

(2)Anodizing is usually used for Aluminum parts surface treatment. After anodizing, the surface of CNC aluminum parts will form a layer of hard oxide film. It will play a role as resistance and anti-corrosion.

CNC Aluminum Parts Anodizing

Figure2 Custom CNC Aluminum-Anodizing

(3)Electroplating is a process that plating a thin layer of other metal on the surface of custom CNC aluminum parts. It will improve the electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of the parts.

(4)Laser Carving is a surface treatment process using optical principles.


3. What Are Your Tolerances for Your CNC Aluminum Machined Parts?

As to the tolerance of our custom CNC aluminum parts, we can reach ±0.08mm.

4. How Do You Control the Quality of the Custom CNC Aluminum Parts?

(1)A Professional Analysis before Production

Once we receive your final 3D files, our professional engineers will analyze your files firstly. Because different industries have different tolerance standards, we need to make different solutions for your Custom CNC Aluminum project. Until now, we have cooperated with broad industries like electrical/medical/electronic/transportation/boat industry.

(2)All kinds of Inspection Tools

We offer you: CMM/Vernier Caliper/Height Gauge/Thread Gauge/Quadratic Element Instrument, etc.

(3)Effective Communication with Clients

Whenever there is any adjustment on the processing, Ruitai will tell you all the details in time. After delivery, we will require a feedback from you just to insure that our custom CNC aluminum parts satisfy your needs.

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