Why Do Metal Stamping Parts Turn Over And Twist?

Last Updated on October 10, 2023 by assistant

With the refinement of industrial electronics, the requirements of stamping parts in various industries are becoming higher and higher, including the shape of stamping parts. Especially the shape of precision metal stampings parts. In the process of blanking the shape of stamping parts, it is easy to produce the phenomenon of turning over and twisting, which affects the quality of products.

The main reason for turning over and twisting of stamping parts is the influence of the blanking force. In addition to blanking force, other reasons for turning over and twisting of stamping parts are as follows:

1. The edge of the blank produced during blanking. It is necessary to study the cutting edge and check whether the blanking clearance is reasonable.

2. Blanking has resulted in turning over and twisting deformation of the stamping parts, resulting in poor forming after bending, which needs to be solved from the blanking position.

3. The instability of stamping parts during bending. Mainly for U-shaped and V-shaped bending. The key points to solve this problem are the guide before bending, the guide during bending, and the pressing material during bending to prevent the sliding of stamping parts during bending.

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