Special Design Of Tool Structure

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In terms of tool geometry, dry cutting tool design should follow the “low cutting temperature” design principle. The tool structure design must consider the heat generated during the machining process as little as possible, that is, the tool structure should strive to achieve low cutting force and Low friction.

Conventional tools are not suitable for dry cutting. For this reason, dry cutting should optimize the tool geometry, which requires the tool to have a large rake angle and fit the appropriate cutting edge shape, such as the IsP’s various milling inserts – PDR and -PDR HM groove type, with a zero-degree small diamond blade and double-positive rake angle design, which reduces the cutting force and strengthens the strength and heat capacity of the cutting edge.

Special Design Of Tool Structure

In order to reduce the heat of cutting, Iskar has reinforcing ribs on the rake face of the car blade, slot blade and milling insert to form a scaly cutting surface in the contact area. The contact area between the tool and the chip is greatly reduced, and most of the heat is reduced. It is taken away by the chip, the cutting temperature is greatly reduced compared with the ordinary blade, and the shear angle is also increased so that the tool life is significantly improved. In addition, considering the maximum lubricity of the tool surface and preventing the formation of built-up edge, Iskar took the lead in the hard nickel layer and the Ti-containing layer, which greatly improved the hardness and lubricity of the surface of the tool body.

The chip flute profile of the tool also needs to consider the “low cutting temperature” design principle to ensure the flow of low friction chips to reduce the friction between the tool and the chip during machining, making the chip removal quick and easy, reducing heat accumulation, for this reason, Iss The card adopts a vertical blade structure in the field of milling cutters and slot cutters to avoid chipping and increase the chip evacuation space of the cutter body.

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