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Ruitai offers you diversified metal stamping parts services with over 40 punch presses including progressive dies, 4 slide, other multi-slide presses. Before being put into production, our experts will also take a long time to make the dies firstly for your metal stamping drawings.

The industries we have been involved in are automotive, medical, aerospace, defense, furniture, agricultural, and so on. Besides, there is also an array of metals and alloys for your stamping project. In different applications, the metal and equipment we choose will differ. And Ruitai is glad to help you solve the problems on the material selection.

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Progressive Metal Stampings Parts

Progressive stamping needs to use more than more one press to make the stamping parts. And It does great help in manufacturing metal stamping parts with complex designs.

4 Slide Metal Stamping Parts

Compared to progressive metal stamping, 4 slide metal stamping will use 4 slides to make the metal stamping parts at the same time. If you are willing to make metal stamping parts, Ruitai will finish it with high efficiency.

Automotive Stamping Parts

Ruitai is an expert in making automotive metal stamping parts using progressive and 4 slide metal stamping parts. From blanking, bending, coining to punching, our professionals in our factory will do the best for you.

Precision Machined Aerospace Parts

In the industry of aerospace, it requires highly in precision of the metal parts. Our precision metal stamping will produce with high accuracy.

Galvanized Metal Stamping Parts

Galvanization can prevent your metal stamping parts from corrosion or rust. From Ruitai, you will also experience secondary service like galvanization.

Sandblasting Metal Stamping Parts

The metal stamping parts will look cleaner and delicate after sandblasting. We offer you a custom sandblasting metal stamping parts service.

Your Top-quality Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturer Partner 

As a professional metal stamping parts supplier in China, we have over 15 years of experience in making top-quality metal stamping parts to serve you any stamping needs.

We always put priority on the quality of our metal stamping parts, which you also care about the most. At Ruitai, there is a complete and professional quality checking team to make sure that the metal stamping parts we made can meet your needs.

We use state-of-art equipment like CMM and height gauge to check the exact data on our metal stamping parts. Before production, we will make a checking table that lists the times and contents we need to check the stamping parts. Then our CMM team will take a checking step on every part.

To know how we control the quality of metal stamping parts, just contact us here for more details!

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  • Custom Metal Printing Parts 

    Except SLA rapid prototyping, Ruitai offers you metal 3D printing too. It’s not suitable for mass production for the high cost. So, if you want to do some metal 3D printing prototypes, you can leave us a message.

  • Rubber Parts

    You can apply injection molding and vacuum casting to process rubber. Compared to vacuum casting, we can deliver rubber injection molding components in larger quantities.


  • SLA Rapid Prototyping

    As one of the most frequently used 3D printing techniques, it works by the photosensitive liquid resin is exposed to an ultraviolet laser beam layer by layer.

  • CNC Turning

    Ruitai offers you bespoke metal turning parts fabrication by CNC turning. As one of the common metals, stainless steel is a very functional metal for turning projects with high anti-corrosion.


1. What Are Metal Stamping Parts?

After punching, blanking, bending, coining, and embossing, we will make the stamping parts with a specific size and type. At Ruitai, we often apply progressive stamping, 4 slide stamping, and deep draw stamping to serve your metal stamping needs.

Figure1-Metal Stamping Parts

  • Progressive Stamping works with the combination of several stations with different operations. During the whole process, the metal pieces will be processed on the baseband. After the last operation, we will get the final metal stamping parts. There are many benefits of progressive stamping: it can produce metal stamping parts with tight tolerance; it’s cost-effective machining for its high automation and multiple operations. It would be a good choice if you want to manufacture the small metal stamping with tight tolerance.
  • 4 slide stamping uses 4 slides to work in different directions at right angles to stamp the metal parts. Compared to progressive stamping, it’s a more flexible and economical way to get your metal stamping parts. This is because it can finish several operations at the same time, which can greatly increase the efficiency and the cost.

Which process method do you usually choose for your metal stamping parts project? Ruitai will give a comprehensive solution for you!

Figure2-Metal Stamping Parts

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