The Future Of Dry Machining

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Today, we talk about The Future Of Dry Machining.

The Future Of Dry Machining

Dry cutting involves not only tool materials, tool coatings, but also tool geometry, tool holder structure, machine tools, cutting volume, and machining methods. This requires the development of new tool materials, and the proper matching of the tool material with the workpiece material, and the prevention of the diffusion and bonding of the tool material and the workpiece material during dry cutting.

Research on new tool materials focuses on superhard tool materials, cermets, ceramics, coatings, high-speed steels, and hard alloys with excellent properties. Iskar attaches great importance to the development of coated tools because the coated tools combine high hardness and wear resistance, high heat resistance, high toughness, high anti-blocking properties, high chemical stability, and low coefficient of friction, the development of dry cutting technology, relies heavily on the development of tool coating technology.

In addition to studying the hardness, toughness, and thermal stability of tool materials, there is also adaptability of different tool materials in dry cutting, the role, characteristics, and performance of different materials in dry cutting. The geometrical design of the tool, the reasonable determination of the blade shape, and the geometric parameters are very important for the full cutting performance of the tool, so Iska also continuously develops the blade shape with higher strength and the firmer blade clamping method; The distribution of the mass is reasonable so that the body expands evenly and so on. For geometric parameters, we emphasize the principle of low cutting force and low cutting temperature.

Dry cutting is a concrete manifestation of the production concept of environmentally clean. It not only reduces the production cost but also promotes the advancement of cutting tool technology. It also brings a brand-new green manufacturing technology, which is the goal that the manufacturing industry will pursue.

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