What Is Sheet Metal Bending?

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Sheet metal bending is an important technique in sheet metal processing. It uses the press brake to force the sheet metal to be formed at a specific angle. Usually, its shape is a V and U. You may consider it as simple processing, but it is hard to control the tolerance of the metal parts. It works by combining the punch and die.

Figure1 Sheet Metal Bending

What are the Common Types of Sheet Metal Bending?

(1) Air bending. It is one of the most popular bending techniques. It uses the punch to force the sheet metal into the die while the sheet metal will not touch the bottom of the die. Even though it is not that precise but flexible.

Air Bending
Air Bending

(2) Roll bending. It is an ideal bending to make metal parts with a larger diameter. One of the most unique characteristics is that it uses three round rollers to deform the sheet metal pieces into round products like pipes.

Roll Bending
Roll Bending

(3) Coining. It is a more accurate and expensive bending. It’s unique in that the punch is under the die. It needs more forces to produce the sheet metal parts, which would permanently change the parts with less spring back.


The Common Materials for Making Sheet Metal Bending Parts: Aluminum, Copper, Mild Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, etc.

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