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When it comes to sheet metal rapid prototyping, the Ruitai team is proud of our professionalism in this field.

Through 15 years of effort, the Ruitai team is constantly expanding our capability on the metal fabrication from CNC machining to sheet metal rapid prototyping. And the number of our professional engineers has increased from 1 to 15. It enables us to offer you professional technique support from design analysis to engineering suggestions. With the support of the Ruitai team, you can trust us to make the unexceptional quality sheet metal parts.

Except for our engineers, our 95% workers are also of professionalism in the field of sheet metal rapid prototyping with over 10 years of experience. They can operate the sheet metal machines accordingly and deal with the cases carefully

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Precision Metal Parts

Ruitai provides you custom sheet metal rapid prototyping service. For a single prototype or 1000pcs, the Ruitai team is fully capable of helping your project with the assistance of our professionals.

Powdered Metal Parts

Black powder coating can protect the sheet metal parts from corrosion and scratches. If you want to make black powder-coated metal parts with a large quantity, their cost will be much lower than single prototypes.

Aluminum Bending Parts

As common processing for sheet metal fabrication, bending can change the shape of the sheet metal prototypes. We usually apply several processings together including stamping, punching, welding, and bending.

Bracket Stamping Steel Parts

There are numerous companies we have built a long-term cooperation relationship including automotive, aerospace, and electronics. We are willing to support your low-volume sheet metal stamping fabrication as you can see the bracket parts from the picture.

Metal Machining Parts

The Ruitai team is capable of assisting your sheet metal rapid prototyping project with our sheet metal machines including laser cutters. The high-speed laser cutters help us to produce the metal parts with an accurate size.

Sheet Metal Mass Production

Through automatic machines, sheet metal fabrication can make high-precision sheet metal parts with high efficiency. The suppliers don’t need as many workers as before to finish these projects.

Ruitai Mold Is Your Custom Sheet Metal Rapid Prototyping Supplier

As a custom sheet metal rapid prototyping service provider, Ruitai would like to be your best one.

At Ruitai, the material range for your sheet metal rapid prototyping project is wide including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. If we have no relevant material for you, we would like to cooperate with the suppliers you have cooperated with. Once received your purchasing order, we will arrange a meeting with all of the engineers who are responsible for your sheet metal rapid prototyping project. Then, we will confirm the feasibility and complexity of the project and arrange the production immediately.

Regarding communication, almost all of our sales team can speak and write in English well. Besides, we would do several presentations in English to improve our English. In terms of every detail for the sheet metal parts you are concerned about, we will treat it seriously and carefully. If necessary, we would like to communicate with you by phone call, E-mail, Whatsapp, WeChat, and Linked-in.

With the efforts of the Ruitai team, all of us are committed to offering you the premier quality sheet metal parts. That’s why we have been improving our capability and sheet metal rapid service.

Thus, you can contact the Ruitai team anytime to know more details about your sheet metal rapid prototyping project.


Other Products

  • PEEK Machined Parts

    Except for sheet metal fabrication, Ruitai also gets our own machines to custom plastic components. There are mainly 4 types of processing methods available: CNC machining, vacuum casting, injection molding, and 3D printing.

  • CNC Auto Parts

    Many auto companies tend to apply CNC machining to make plastic and metal auto parts. The finished car components are of accuracy and cleanness on the surface. That’s one of the reasons why so many people would consider it as their top-list choice.

  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding 

    There are several plastic fabrication ways to make prototypes. And injection molding is one of the most cost-effective processes to deliver high-performance plastic prototypes and parts. Most manufacturers are glad to support your project from prototyping to high-volume production.

  • High-volume Plastic Components 

    Which 3D printing way you would choose for your plastic prototyping project? For plastic material, there are SLA and SLS rapid prototyping available to produce plastic prototypes. Both of them are efficient for your low-volume prototyping project.


1. What Is Sheet Metal Rapid Prototyping?

Sheet metal rapid prototyping is part of the sheet metal fabrication services. We often apply sheet metal for a mass production project. At the same time, it can also be an efficient way to make low-volume prototypes. By stamping, punching, piercing, welding, and cutting, we can process the sheet metal pieces from the flat ones into the metal parts with your desired size.

After sheet metal fabrication, we may also need to do some surface finishes on the metal parts according to the requirements of the clients. There are several available surface finishes for you: powder coating, anodizing, and electroplating.

If you have any need for sheet metal fabrication, the Ruitai team is always your support.

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