What Is SLS 3D Printing

Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by assistant

Through the years, SLS 3D printing becomes popular among manufacturers and engineers. In the past, it could be only applied to a small number of suppliers for its expensive cost. With the development of material and programs, SLS 3D printing is widely used for making low-volume prototypes in many fields including aerospace, car, and consumer products.

Figure1 SLS 3D Printing

As an additive processing, SLS 3D printers work by sintering the powder by the laser to get the model. Compared to traditional machining, SLS 3D printing has a unique advantage. It allows the manufacturers to make 3D models with less design limit. In addition, you can get 3D models within a shorter lead time. That’s why so many designers prefer SLS 3D printing.

Figure2 SLS 3D Printing Parts

Regarding the surface finish of SLS rapid prototyping parts, it is the same as others machined parts. There is loose powder left on the printed parts, which would be cleaned and recycled. To improve the performance of the surface, you can do bead blasting on it.

The Ruitai team often applies SLS 3D printing to make plastic and metal prototypes. The common materials we apply often are nylon 11, nylon 12, nylon 12 GF, metal composite, etc.

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