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A Professional Plastic Parts Fabrication Partner in China

Being a professional manufacturer, Ruitai Mold is confident to offer you the most satisfying plastic parts.

As to the drawings sent by our clients, the Ruitai team will strictly abide by the terms of the agreement. You can send the NDA files to us before starting the plastic parts fabrication project with Ruitai Mold.

What makes us stand out among the numerous plastic machining services providers relies on our professional technical advice for you. According to the characteristics and requirements of your plastic manufacturing project, our professionals with 15+ years of experience will conduct cost-effective engineering suggestions for you.

At Ruitai, there is No minimum for your plastic parts fabrication project. Get a quick quote from the Ruitai team now!

Nylon Rapid Prototypes

Nylon can be easily machined and printed while CNC machining and 3D printing are two ideal ways to make nylon rapid prototypes. And Ruitai offers you plastic parts fabrication service with a fast turnaround.

Machined Carbon Fiber Parts

Using the CNC machines, carbon fiber sheets would be cut and drilled to get the high-precision carbon fiber parts. Machined carbon fiber parts are lightweight and of strength. If you plan to do plastic parts fabrication, the Ruitai team is 24/7 online to assist you.

Vacumm Casting Car Bumpers

We often apply vacuum casting to make the front and rear auto bumpers. It can well make the same car bumpers with a small amount. The car companies would use the finished vacuum casting auto bumpers to test their performance and design.

Black PC Molding Parts

There are numerous excellent properties of PC plastic: lightweight and chemical resistant. That’s why it is an ideal plastic to make injection molding parts. And the Ruitai team is always a trustworthy plastic parts fabrication partner for you.

PEEK Machined Parts

With the wide application for making plastic and metal parts, CNC machining is also often applied for making high-performance PEEK parts. We combine the tight tolerance of CNC machining and high-engineering PEEK materials to create PEEK prototypes.

3D Printed Parts

Compared to metals, plastics are lightweight and durable for producing aircraft components. There are two popular plastics including PEEK and Nylon for making custom plastic components.

A Bespoken Plastic Parts Fabrication Supplier in China

With the advanced machines of CNC, injection molding, and 3D printers, the Ruitai team is fully capable of supporting your bespoken plastic parts fabrication projects.

Ruitai is capable of supporting your plastic machining project with a tolerance of ±0.05mm. If the plastic components we made don’t meet the standard as you specified, we will choose to redo them for you. Besides, we get the COC certified to ensure your high-quality plastic components.

In addition, the Ruitai team offers you a fast response and quote. If you just want to know our plastic parts fabrication capability, the Ruitai team will also reply to you within 2 hours. Video conferencing is also available if you need it. Regarding quoting service, we will quote for you within 4 hours.

Besides, we can customize the packaging for your unique plastic machined components with a suitable size to save your shipping cost. The delivery options from FedEx, DHL, UPS, and EMS are available at Ruitai, which is because the location of our factory is close to Ban’an International Airport.

Whatever your specification is, the Ruitai team would meet your standard if we get the capability. Contact us from now!

Related Parts

  • CNC Aluminum Parts

    Aluminum machined components have been widely used in various areas including devices for medical and automotive. We can apply CNC machining the aluminum to make low-volume prototypes while die casting is usually used for producing large volume aluminum parts.

  • Stamping Metal Parts 

    When it comes to metal fabrication, stamping is often applied to make high-precision sheet metal components. Meanwhile, stamping is just one part of sheet metal fabrication. The others consist of laser cutting, punching, and welding.

  • CNC Machined PMMA Parts

    Prototyping is also a common way to check the product design. Generally speaking, the clients are in quest for low-volume prototypes production. If you want to check your design, prototyping is always an economical way.

  • High-volume Parts Fabrication

    After prototyping, you can put it into the market with mass production. Injection molding, die casting, and sheet metal stamping are popular processes to make high-volume parts fabrication.


1. What Is Plastic Parts Fabrication?

There are several ways to do plastic parts fabrication from 3D printing, CNC machining, injection molding, and vacuum casting. The characteristics of each processing are different.

3D printing is suitable for making low-volume plastic parts. One of its advantages is that it can handle the parts with complex design for its additive manufacturing way. That’s also one of the reasons for its popularity.

CNC machining is a more precise way to make plastic prototypes. Unlike 3D printing, CNC machining creates plastic parts by turning, milling, and drilling on lumpy plastic materials. It’s an extracting way.

Injection molding is famous for its high repeatability and mass production. With the usage of the mold, the raw materials will be melted and injected into it. Thus, injection molding is a more economical and economical way to do plastic parts fabrication.

Vacuum casting is applied to make plastic parts of the same size with low volume. Compared to other processings, the tolerance it can achieve is not that tight.

Figure1 Plastic Parts Fabrication