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Being a die casting manufacturer, the Ruitai team offers 4 types of die casting for you: high-pressure aluminium casting, low-pressure aluminium casting, aluminium sand casting, and aluminium gravity casting. We wish to be your custom aluminium casting parts manufacturer in China.

Ruitai excels at making high-performance aluminium casting parts with complex design. For demanding aluminium casting parts, our full set machines and skilled workers can offer you the custom metal die casting service.

If you have any requirements on tolerance and texture of the aluminium die casting parts, you can send us your specifications anytime.

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High-pressure Aluminium Casting

High-pressure aluminium casting is considered one of the most economical casting ways to make quality metal parts. Ruitai has a professional engineering team to help you make high-pressure aluminium casting molds and produce high-volume castings.

Low-pressure Aluminium Casting

Low-pressure aluminium casting is machining, which is suitable for automation because of its characteristics. It also has popularity in making automotive parts like wheels and blocks through these years.

Aluminum Sand Casting

There are a lot of advantages of aluminium sand casting. It has a simpler production process and lower-cost casting molds. Meanwhile, compared to other casting parts, sand casting parts are of lower precision and have more rough surface quality.

Aluminium Gravity Casting

As a permanent molding casting, aluminium gravity casting can create casting parts of higher quality and performance. Meanwhile, the cost of aluminium gravity casting is higher than other castings.

Automotive Aluminium Casting

Aluminium die casting has been preferred by automotive companies for its lightweight and high performance. At the same time, its usage also reduces gasoline consumption. Aluminium die casting is also cost-effective machining to make metal castings.

CNC Machining Aluminium Casting

Why do we need to use CNC machining for the die casting parts? CNC machining helps to make part of aluminium casting parts meet the tolerance requirements. The combination of CNC machining and die casting can create more precision machined parts.

Your Go-to Aluminium Casting Parts Manufacturer – Ruitai 

We are also an ISO9001:2015 accredited supplier. According to the industry standard, the Ruitai Mold team produces every alumininum casting part carefully and professionally. Thanks to the efforts of our workers and engineering team, we are proud that we can be your go-to aluminium casting parts manufacturer in China.

Our aluminium casting parts can be utilized for the industries of electronics and telecommunication, and automotive. 95% of clients rate us highly because of our high-performance die casting parts.

Except aluminium die casting, 5 axis CNC machining is also available for you to do secondary processing. It helps to make metal die casting components of higher precision. The Ruitai team is very glad to assist your whole aluminium die casting project.

Ruitai Mold is always your go-to aluminium casting parts manufacture partner!

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  • Powdered Metal Parts

    Stainless steel is often preferred in CNC machining because of its excellent properties. Through CNC turning and milling, we can get precision stainless steel components of different sizes. And it can be used for the companies of car, electronics, and defense.

  • Copper Parts

    As to copper material, the Ruitai team often applies CNC turning to make high-volume copper parts. After CNC turning, the surface of the copper parts is very smooth and sometimes we don’t need to do polishing on them.

  • Rubber Parts

    To process rubber materials of efficiency, injection molding may be your best choice. The rubber materials will be melt, which means that you can get the custom rubber parts according to your design. Besides, it’s also suitable for high-volume production and its cost is relatively lower.


1. What Are Aluminium Casting Parts?

The suppliers inject the molten aluminium into the mold under high pressure to get the aluminium casting parts of custom size. They choose aluminum casting to make aluminium casting parts with a high volume and complex desing to meet various standards of the clients.

Ruitai is a fully-equipped aluminium casting parts manufacturer to support your die casting project by high-pressure casting, low-pressure casting, gravity casting, and sand casting.

According to your requirements, the Ruitai team is happy to assist your aluminium casting project with custom solution.

Figure1 Aluminium Casting Parts

2. What Are the Advantages of Aluminium Casting Parts?

Aluminium die casting has a broad application in the industries of automotive and telecommunication. There is an array of advantages of aluminum casting parts.

(1) Economical;

The lifespan of the casting mold tends to be longer and it also has a higher rate of reuse. In most cases, it’s suitable for mass production from 250 pcs to 100000 pcs.

Besides, the aluminium casting parts are of smooth surface and repeatability. It can greatly reduce the cost of secondary processing.

(2) High-performance;

The casting mold ensures the high repeatability and performance of the aluminium casting parts.