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A Professional Small Parts Manufacturer in China

Being a professional small parts manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in machining, our professionals enable us to supply you with small parts machining advice and engineering solutions.

You can choose the processing way from CNC machining, and stamping, to make a perfect engineering plan. And the Ruitai team offers you a complete and professional engineering guide if you need our help.

Every staff of the Ruitai team is well trained and 95% of them have 10+ years of experience in the machining field. This is part of the reasons why Ruitai Mold is your professional and reliable small parts manufacturer in China.

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Small Alloy Steel Parts

With enhanced corrosion resistance and hardenability, alloy steel is a popular material in machining. And we often CNC turning to make alloy steel parts.

CNC Turned Small Parts

By CNC turning, the metal/plastic materials will be deformed into round parts with a special size and type.

Stamping Small Metal Parts

Sheet metal stamping is an efficient way to make intricate metal parts. And you can see its applications almost everywhere.

Small Car Milling Components

As a small parts manufacturer, we offer CNC milling to deliver low-volume and complicated car metal parts.

Knurled Small Parts

Knurling is a type of secondary service to give the metal parts a unique texture. It can increase the friction of the metal parts.

Black Oxided Steel Components

Black oxide is one of the most popular surface treatments for the steel machined parts.

Your One-stop Small Parts Manufacturer in China

Ruitai is also a well-equipped small parts manufacturer with 50 sets of CNC machines, 20 laser cutters, and stamping machines. It gives us the confidence to turn your small parts machining with a fast turnaround. We are willing to be your one-stop small parts manufacturer in China.

The common material range available at Ruitai is aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, plastics, etc.

For further machining the small parts, we offer a spectrum of secondary services for you: black oxide, powder coating, laser marking, anodizing, plating, etc. Whatever your machining specifications are, we provide you with the most complete machining service for your small parts fabrication.

We are also glad to assist you from a one-off project to a long-term machining project!

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1. What Is Small Parts Manufacturer?

It refers to the people who produce the small components by CNC turning/CNC milling/stamping/punching. There is a wide material range for the machine. It consists of aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, brass, copper, ABS, POM, and so on.

If you get any machining project to do, you can contact a professional and reliable small parts manufacturer. They will produce the small parts according to your 3D and 2D files. When you get any special requirements, you need to tell them in time.

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