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Prototyping is indispensable for product development. As a supplier of making prototype stampings, Ruitai promises to assist your project with our years of expertise and professionalism.

The engineers we have cultivated are of wealthy professionalism in sheet metal fabrication. Hence, our team can give you professional engineering solutions and suggestions for your prototype stampings manufacture project if you need them.

Our stampings can be created by an array of metal materials including stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, and steel. Besides, we provide you the common secondary services from painting to powder coating. If you have any requirements on material or surface treatment we can’t do for you, we will find superior and professional companies for you.

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Rapid Prototype Stampings

Rapid prototype stamping is one of our sheet metal fabrication services. We combine your 3D files with our experience in the field of precision metal stamping to make your project a big success.

Aluminum Metal Stampings

Aluminum is a well-known metal material for all kinds of machinings for its machinability and anti-corrosion. At Ruitai, we can support your long-run and short-run metal stamping project with the assistance of our state-of-art stamping presses.

Small Metal Stampings

The smaller metal stampings require higher precision. At the same time, the suppliers need to use more advanced stamping press to meet the standard of their clients. You can give the tolerance specifications to your suppliers and get your custom production.

Short-run Metal Stampings

When your project is still at the stage of designing and you want to make a few prototypes firstly, short-run metal stamping is also a good choice. You can see the performance of these stampings to decide the upcoming projects with your supplier.

Metal Prototyping Components

The field where metal stampings are often used is automotive. The assembly of the entire car requires a large number of precision metal stampings. Through the steps including punching, bending, and joining, the metal sheets will be formed into your desired car parts.

Powder Coated Computer Stampings

There are many applications of stampings in computer components. Powder coating is a way to protect and decorate these parts from outer scratches. It’s often applied to the metal parts.


Ruitai Mold-Your Quality Prototype Stampings Manufacturer in China 

The Ruitai engineering team is capable of creating the prototyping molds according to the given data. If there are any corrections on the 3D files of the prototype stampings, we are glad to adjust them accordingly.

Combining the usage of the advanced stamping presses with our expertise, Ruitai Mold is confident to offer you quality metal stampings with a shorter turnaround. To further control the quality of our metal stamping parts, we will check them by a professional quality checking team.

We are willing to cooperate with you on the prototype stampings project. The Ruitai team can help you test the properties of the stamping prototype and check the feasibility of these prototypes. For mass production, we are also fully capable of assisting your project with advanced equipment.

Create your quality prototype stampings at Ruitai now!

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1. What Are Prototype Stampings?

Prototype stampings refer to the stamping manufacturers using the stamping presses to turn the flat metal sheet into metal parts of a specific size. The processes involved are punching, blanking, embossing, coining. The commonly used material for stampings is cold metal sheets.

Besides, it’s processing for long-run and short-run metal stamping. Because stamping is automated now. The suppliers can deliver the metal stampings to you with a shorter turnaround. For prototyping, stamping is also an economical way to make metal prototypes.

Figure1 Prototype Stampings

2. What Are the Benefits of Prototype Stampings?

To get metal parts, you can benefit a lot from prototype stampings.

  1. High-precision. The stamping service providers have a full set of high-precision stamping machines to make stampings. The finished metal components of higher accuracy and performance than other machinings. These stamping parts can be applied for the companies of automotive, defense, and aerospace, which often require highly on accuracy.
  2. Prototype stampings are not only fit for short-run prototyping but also mass production. The automated devices and high-precision stampings can ensure the consistency of the precision metal stampings.