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Custom Aluminum Fabrication

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Custom Aluminum Fabrication Service

Being one of custom aluminum fabricators, Ruitai Mould produces aluminum parts through multiple processing ways: CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and die casting. You can rely on the Ruitai team from prototyping to manufacturing projects. No worries about MOQ!

The dimensions of aluminum manufactured parts weigh from a few grams up to 30kg. At the factory, our machines have achieved semi-automation to improve efficiency and accuracy. To ensure the quality of the parts, the QC team will check every aluminum part and offer a CMM test afterward.


Aluminum Machined Prototypes

Aluminum is a popular metal for creating CNC metal prototypes. There is a wide aluminum material range for your choice in Ruitai: 2024/5052/5083/6061/7050, etc.

Custom Aluminum Die Casting Parts

We usually apply to die casting to build high-volume aluminum parts. Die casting is a long-term processing project from creating the mold to producing the parts.

Custom Aluminum Sheet Metal Parts

We create custom aluminum sheet metal parts with cutting-to-size shapes through punching, bending, cutting, and bending.

What Are the Advantages of Custom Aluminum Fabrication?

● Corrosion-resistant. Aluminum has one special property–corrosion resistance which other metal material doesn’t have. So, if using aluminum to fabricate, your finished aluminum parts will be more durable and anti-corrosion.

● Customizable. It can apply to producing complex parts with different shapes without leakage

● Economical and Environment-friendly. Compared to other metal materials like steel and stainless steel, choosing aluminum for your fabrication project will be more cost-effective. This is because aluminum can be recycled several times. Especially for automotive, aluminum is lightweight and can reduce emissions.

Compared with other metals, there are more types of aluminum with different properties. As one of custom aluminum fabricators, we have the expertise in selecting the best aluminum for your unique project. If you need any guidance, we are glad to help!

Related Machinings

  • CNC Drilling

    Ruitai has decades of experience in CNC drilling and manufactures aluminum parts with high precision.


  • Die Casting

    Aluminum is a popular material used in Die Casting. We have cooperated with excellent material fabricators to produce top-quality aluminum parts.

  • According to your 3D files for CNC Turning you send us, Ruitai can give you professional advice when you don’t know which material is the most suitable one.

  • CNC Milling

    CNC milling is one of the advanced machinings to get high-precision and extensive quality metal parts. If you are looking for this, you can contact us anytime.


1. What Inspection Tools Do You Have for Custom Auminum Fabrication?

There are several inspection tools in Ruitai for your custom aluminum fabrication:

  • CMM(Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  • Height Gauge
  • Thread Gauge
  • Vernier Caliper

If you need any test for raw material or finished parts, you can contact us and we will send it to you ASAP.

2. What Package Options You Provide for Custom Aluminum Parts?

According to different parts, Ruitai offers custom packaging for your project. For small batch aluminum parts, we usually choosea carton box to package them. Before putting them into the carton box, we will cover the aluminum parts with cardboard and bubble wrap and then put them into it, with all whiteboards on all sides. It will keep your custom aluminum parts safe.

For large metal parts, we prefer to put them into a custom wooden box. The wooden box is tough enough to protect your metal parts without any damage. Anyway, we can package your aluminum parts according to your requirements.