CNC Metal Turning

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CNC Metal Turning is performed on a lathe, using the rotary motion of the workpiece and the linear or curved motion of the tool to change the shape and size of the blank and to process it to meet the requirements of the drawings. CNC metal turning to the machine is the most widely used in the machine-building industry. The number of lathes is large, the number of people is large, the processing range is wide, and the tools and fixtures used are numerous. Therefore, the safety technical problems of turning machining appear.

CNC Metal Turning

1. Chip damage and protective measures.

The various steel parts processed on the lathe have good toughness, and the edge of the chips generated during turning is relatively sharp. When cutting steel parts at high speed, red hot and long chips will be formed, which will easily injure people and often wrap around the turning tool and tool holder. Therefore, it is necessary to clean or break the iron hook in time.

2. Loading of the workpiece.

In the process of turning, there are many accidents that damage the machine tool, break or crash the tool, and the workpiece falls or flies out due to improper loading of the workpiece. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe production of turning, special care must be taken when loading the workpiece.

3. Safe operation.

Before the work, check the machine tool thoroughly and confirm that it is good.