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Aluminum Turning Parts

We can manufacture CNC aluminum 6061 turning components for your business using the modern CNC metal turning methods.

CNC Aluminum Car Wheels

CNC Aluminum 6082 Turning parts used in the aircraft industry can be easily manufactured through CNC machining methods. Ruitai can surely help you with that.

CNC Turning Brass Components

We can produce all kinds of CNC brass turning for your use using CNC metal turning processes.

CNC SS303 Turning

we can manufacture SS303 turning parts for you perfectly.

CNC SS304 Turning

You can also contact us to get CNC SS304 Turning parts made from CNC methods.

High-precision Machined Srews

Small tooling equipment, including screws, nuts, and nails, can easily be manufactured from this method. Our expert engineers are capable of designing and making these with great efficiency.

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CNC machining came into the market a few decades ago. It is revolutionary for the manufacturing industry. You can produce almost all types of products, automotive parts, and machined parts from this process.  CNC machining consists of various machining methods, techniques, and strategies. These processes include CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC lathe machining, etc.

CNC metal turning holds a special place in the machining industry. It is responsible for the manufacturing of all kinds of rotating parts. These parts may include rotatory shafts, automotive parts, cylindrical-shaped products, etc.

Figure 1 - CNC Metal Turning

Figure 1 – CNC Metal Turning

It is a great process if you want high-quality and durable products. You must choose CNC metal turning if you’re looking forward to machining your metal and turn it into functional rotatory parts. This method can not only help you machine metallic parts, but you can also make functional and reliable prototypes with it. To know more about CNC metal turning, stay stick to this FAQ guide, and you’ll know everything that you’re looking forward to.

1. Are Subtraction Machining and CNC Metal Turning the Same Processes?

Yes, both of these are the names of the same machining method. People also know this CNC metal turning process as subtraction machining because it involves subtraction of the excess material. To understand this term altogether, first, you need to know what CNC metal turning is? And how is it carried out?

CNC turning is the process in which a machine removes the excess material from the workpiece and turns it into the required part. The required part can be anything that you designed. Once you install this design or program into the turning machine, it works on it to produce it. Now, this producing process is done by the constant rotation of the workpiece while the machine keeps subtracting the unneeded material from the sides.

Figure 2 - The Subtraction Process

Figure 2 – The Subtraction Process

As the method involves subtraction of excessive material to produce the desired part, it is given the name ‘Subtraction Machining.’ You don’t need to turn the material into a specific shape to carry out the turning process. CNC metal turning does it on its own. The turning machines take care of all the shaping and manufacturing of the part. That means you can also use square or hexagonal-shaped material.

You must have known by now that what CNC turning is! But there are many other things and information related to this method that you must know. All the manufacturers and suppliers in China can help you produce reliable CNC-turned parts. To know more about it, keep digging in this article.

2. How is CNC Metal Turning Different from CNC Lathe Machining?

CNC lathe machine working is almost similar to CNC turning. However, there are a few differences that you need to know before moving ahead with the manufacturing of your respective part. As explained earlier, CNC turning involves the production of rotatory parts and shafts. CNC lathe does the same too, but it is rather a simpler procedure.

Figure 3 - CNC Lathe Machine working

Figure 3 – CNC Lathe Machine working

In the turning procedure, the machine can rotate around many axes and easily produce intricately designed art. Whether you need an automotive part or any other complex structure, CNC turning can do that for you. But with lathe machining, you can only manufacture limited parts and designs.

Normally the lathe machine can only work on the X & Z axes. Whereas the CNC turning machines are able to produce quality parts while functioning on multiple axes and directions.

You can also differentiate in these procedures by saying that one carries out a simple operation that involves the rotation of the spindle. Whereas the other method is complex turning manufacturing. Both these methods are helpful when it comes to producing sturdy rotatory parts, but you need to choose according to the part you’re going to create.

If you need to manufacture a simple part that does not has a complex design, a CNC lathe can totally work for you. If you want to carry on with this process, you can find a CNC lathe machine on sale anywhere in the market in China. However, you should also opt for CNC metal turning if your part needs to involve the milling, boring, knurling, and drilling processes.

3. Should You Buy CNC Turning Centers for Manufacturing Your Parts?

CNC lathe machining is a great technique that you can use to produce high-quality and valuable products. CNC turning centers are similar to these machines. However, they are more advanced, modern, and functional. You can also manufacture your part with CNC milling or drilling using a CNC turning center.

Figure 4 - CNC Turning Centre

Figure 4 – CNC Turning Centre

So, if you are going to buy machinery for your CNC metal turning project, these turning centers can be beneficial. Lathe machining is a straightforward technique. The turning centers are these machines with installed computerized control systems in them. That is why they can work more efficiently, effectively, and properly.

So, the answer to the question would surely be a Yes! You should definitely consider buying a CNC turning center for your manufacturing projects.

4. Which Industries Use CNC Metal Turning to Manufacture Various Products?

Plenty of industries are present in the market that uses CNC metal turning methods. These industries manufacture highly reliable and durable parts. These parts are then used for complex purposes to achieve ultimate goals in different fields. Industrial manufacturers prefer this process because it is a trustworthy, fast-paced, and definitive technique to produce the required components and parts.

Figure 5 - CNC machined parts

Figure 5 – CNC machined parts

Some of the main industries that use the CNC metal turning method include the following ones,

  • Electrical Industry

The electrical industry utilizes this method to manufacture tons of electrical equipment, machinery, and helpful parts. This industry also prefers CNC turning because many of the electrical chips and equipment require a super-precise and accurate method. Thus, to manufacture them in the best way, this method is used.

  • Aerospace Industries

The aerospace industry involves the manufacturing of high-quality airplane fuselages and other space crafts. With CNC metal turning, the manufacturing of these space crafts has become easier and handier. Plus, the parts produced are always versatile and durable too. Thus, CNC turning is an admired method in the aerospace industry.

Figure 6 - CNC Turning for Aerospace Industry

Figure 6 – CNC Turning for Aerospace Industry

  • Engineering Industries

Engineering industries involve the manufacturing of parts that are used for significant purposes later on. CNC metal turning helps manufacturers produce these parts with great efficiency and accuracy. All the engineering industries in the world vote for CNC machining techniques when it comes to manufacturing parts that can be used in the long term.

  • Material Fabrication Industries

Industries in which standard material sheets and metal rolls are produced also use the CNC metal turning technique. It helps the manufacturers and suppliers achieve the best results within a limited time and budget.

  • Automotive Industries

CNC metal turning works on metallic sheets and material. That is why this method is highly recommended for the production of parts that are needed in extreme environments. This is one of the main reasons why CNC turning is used in the automotive industry. Suppliers from China use this method in this industry to deliver fine quality and long-lasting parts to their clients.

5. How Computer Controls the CNC Metal Turning Process?

All the CNC methods are computerized and controlled by software. These methods require proper designing and installing those designs into the software to carry out a reliable machining process. Computers are the versatile parts of these methods. They work, design, and then make the machines manufacture the desired part.

To get an idea of how the CNC metal turning process works and what is part of computers in it, go through the following steps. They give thorough information on how CNC machining works and how you can manufacture reliable CNC metal turning parts.

Figure 7 - CNC Turning CAD Software

Figure 7 – CNC Turning CAD Software

  • The first step is all about preparing and designing the part. This step is all about making preparations to manufacture desirable parts.
  • Make a proper CAD design that involves all the intricate details of the part being manufactured.
  • Then this CAD design, the g & m codes are installed in the CNC turning machines.
  • These machines are set to follow the steps and instructions present in the design. Thus, it manufactures the required product by following the set of instructions given to it.
  • You can choose through various tooling options, speed capability, and power options to manufacture the part just like you want.
  • Once all of this is done perfectly, you will get your desired functional part at the end with perfection.

Computer plays a great role in the manufacturing of CNC turned parts. The machines used in this process are all computerized and need specific instructions to work upon. If you install the CAD software and prepare the design perfectly, you will get a functional and useful part at the end.

However, you must contact some proficient manufacturers in China to help you through all this process. It will save you from bumping into any dead ends or from facing any mishaps and losses.

7. How is the CNC Metal Turning Process Different from Other Machining Techniques?

In the CNC metal turning method, the machining process is one of its kind. In all the CNC methods, the machines work on the materials to manufacture the required part. In this process, the materials move too along with the cutting tool.

It doesn’t make the method a lot different from other processes, but it does make it unique and reliable. The process follows a helical toolpath in which the workpiece is fixed and rotates in its own axis. The cutting tool rotates around the workpiece subtracting the unwanted material present on it.

Figure 8 - CNC Turning Machines

Figure 8 – CNC Turning Machines

This whole process results in an admirable production of a splendid part at the end. You can perform various finishing processes in these parts to make them more functional and better-looking. However, the turning machines make the parts perfectly functional workable.

The cutting of metal sheets from these circulatory machines produces round parts and useful rotatory products. This is the reason why CNC metal turning is preferred for the production of all the round and spherical parts. You can also hire manufacturers for CNC lathe machining if that procedure suits your part better.

7. Why CNC Metal Turning is Better Than Manual Metal Turning?

Computers are more accurate and precise in working as compared to humans. No matter what the task is being performed, computers and robots will be able to complete it in a better way. The same is the case with CNC metal turning.

· Accuracy and Precision

This process involves the use of computers, electronic devices, computerized designs, and controlled machining for the manufacturing of parts. All of this makes it a reliable and trustworthy method. However, if we have a look at manual turning processes, they are not as much accurate as these ones.

The designs, manufacturing, and all the processing process done in manual turning are done by humans. Human work is always open to errors, less precision, and lesser accuracy. That is the case in turning to a machine too.

Figure 9 - Accurate CNC Metal Turning

Figure 9 – Accurate CNC Metal Turning

The parts made by humans are less efficient and prone to damage. Whereas, if you produce the same parts with CNC methods, they will be able to withstand extreme conditions and provide great results.

· Cost-Effective

Apart from that, manual turning is also more expensive and labor-requiring as compared to the CNC one. In the CNC methods, all you need to invest in is the machines and the material. Apart from that, all the work is carried out automatically without requiring any further investments.

However, in the manual turning process, you need to invest in material, labor, manual machinery, and so much more. The most cost difference in both these processes comes through the labor work. In CNC metal turning, no labor or human employment is required at all.

You do need someone to create designs and operate the machines for you. But apart from that, no human is required in the manufacturing process at all. The machines are made to work on their own and manufacture the entire part perfectly and efficiently. Thus, saving you lots of money in the end.

· Enhanced Speed

Last but not the least benefit of choosing CNC metal turning over manual turning would be the increased speed of the manufacturing processes. The parts that you produce through manual turning can take up to days and weeks to be finished. However, the CNC turned parts can be manufactured in a few hours.

Human labor can take time to perfectly design and manufacture a functional part. It is because they work manually, remove the material through machines that require human work, etc. But as compared to this, if you choose CNC metal turning, all the process is carried out super rapidly through the machines.

You can get the best useful parts in just a few hours after you hire a professional to manufacture them for you. But to assure the fast delivery, discuss your requirements and the deadline with your hired manufacturers beforehand. This will make them manufacture your part within the required time so you can utilize it wherever you need it at the right time.

8. What Are Metal Components Preferred for CNC Metal Turning?

Metal is the most admired material for manufacturing CNC parts. CNC metal turning is an appreciated machining method because the metallic components produced through it are the most functional of all. Their most extensive usage is in the automotive and fabrication industries.

People from all over the world hire manufacturers to produce the best quality metal CNC turned parts for them. You can also contact suppliers in China to help you produce useful metal parts for your business. The most common metal materials used for this purpose are the following. You can choose anyone among the following to manufacture the part you require.

Figure 10 - CNC Metal Turning Method

Figure 10 – CNC Metal Turning Method

· Steel Machining

Steel is the most robust and strong material you’ll find in the market nowadays. Manufacturers from all over the world choose it to produce high-quality components. Apart from being strong, steel is an economical material too. It doesn’t cost you a lot and is cost-effective as compared to many many other metals available.

It usually depends upon the requirements of your part, but if it is something that needs to be strong, steel is definitely the best option. All the aerospace and automotive parts are manufactured using it only because of its sturdiness and high-reliability ratio.

The weight to strength ratio of this material is commendable. Thus, it can be used to produce all kinds of heavy-duty parts for all the fields. If you are in need of something like that, contact the most reliable manufacturers in China to help you machine high-quality CNC metal turning parts.

· Aluminum Machining

Aluminum machining is essential for many industries. Its significance is beyond description because the way it produces parts for businesses is super admirable. The best qualities of the material include it being solid and light-in-weight. Multiple aluminum grades are available for you to choose from. You can make a choice according to the design of your respective part.

Aluminum is not a limited material. There is plenty of aluminum, grades, and alloys available for you to choose from. Each grade is known for its own specifications and special abilities. Some of the famous aluminum alloys are alloy 2024, 6000 series, 7000 series, etc. The 6061 and 7075 are the most used and admired aluminum alloys. They are the strongest ones too.

Another great thing about this material is its machinability. Fabrication, cutting, and welding are all super easy to be done with aluminum. That is also the reason why this material is so cost-effective.

Figure 11 - CNC Aluminum Machining

Figure 11 – CNC Aluminum Machining

Aluminum is highly used in the aerospace industry because it can manufacture high-quality parts with lesser weight. And that is precisely what is needed in this industry. Larger-weight materials are unusable for this purpose because they won’t manufacture the components in the way they’re supposed to. That’s where aluminum machining comes in. You can hire the best manufacturers and suppliers in town to get the best CNC metal turning parts made up of aluminum.

· Brass Machining

Brass is another captivating material that is used to machine CNC turned components. Brass is not the best quality material present in the market, but it is undoubtedly a super easy-to-machine and reliable material. Easy machinability makes this material cheaper and trustworthy.

It is mainly used by commercial industries to manufacture products for daily use. Brass is good with electrical equipment and hardware products. It is because of its precise strength and good reliability ratio. If you want to opt for brass for your CNC metal turning project, you must discuss it with some reliable manufacturers in China. They can help you choose the best depending upon your requirements.

9. Can You Perform CNC Metal Turning with a Drilling Machine?

The drilling machine works by making holes in the workpiece and then turning it into the desired material. Performing the CNC metal turning requires specific rotatory devices. That means the drilling machines might not be able to complete the turning tasks with excellent efficiency.

However, by using separate machines, you can produce useful CNC-turned parts even with a drilling machine. These machines are preferred for lathe machining, which is similar to that of CNC turning. But as both procedures are different and have their own identification, it’s better not to use up their machinery for the other. It will not give you ideal results.

Figure 12 - CNC Drilling Machine

Figure 12 – CNC Drilling Machine

But as far as CNC drilling is concerned, you may use the usual CNC machinery for that process. It may turn up a bit lesser accurate part, but it can be useful if done in the right way. If you’re still confused regarding these processes, just contact proficient manufacturers for CNC turning services. They will help you deal with your manufacturing process in the best possible way.

10. How Much CNC Metal Turning Costs?

The CNC metal turning costs vary depending upon the labor, material, and machine requirements. Your cost is also affected by the number of axes you’re going to need for the manufacturing of your respective product. There are other factors that affect these costs too. Thus, it is hard to get an exact idea of the cost you’ll need to spend for your desired part.

If taking an average, the mainstream CNC turning process will make you spend around $35 dollars or less per hour. The number of hours depends upon the complexity of your part’s design. But if you’re using a multi-axis CNC machine for manufacturing, the price can be doubled. For instance, a usual multi-axis CNC machined part costs around more or less $100/hour.

Figure 13 - Metal Turning Process

Figure 13 – Metal Turning Process

However, it can cost a lot more if your part has detailed specifications and need a lot of working on it. If your number of hours is determined or fixed, the easiest way to calculate the per hour rate is by dividing the entire cost of your part by the number of hours. This method is used to calculate the rate of fixed projects with determined deadlines.

11. What are the Factors that Affect the CNC Metal Turning Cost?

There are multiple factors that affect your CNC turning metal costs. They can range from labor expenditures to machine costs. The fundamental aspects upon which you should plan your budget are as follows.

  • CAD Software – The G & M codes are required for the CNC metal turning process. You’ll need to hire programmers and software for that if you don’t know it well yourself. That will also make you spend a part of your budget on the process.
  • Labor – Usually, the CNC turning does not require a lot of investment for labor. However, this is an essential factor that you need to keep in view while strategizing total costs. Especially the CAD designer, code generators, and machine runners for your manufacturing process are important people. If you don’t hire manufacturers for this process, you’ll need to cut out reasonable labor costs.
  • Material Cost – The biggest thing that would affect the total expenditure rate for the manufacturing process is the material. Now, it depends if you’re using stainless steel, steel, aluminum, or brass, etc. Each material has its own value and varies in cost. Some are stronger and valuable, while others are abundantly available and thus, cheap.
  • CNC Machinery – If you don’t hire CNC metal turning suppliers from China or any other country, you’ll need to buy machinery of your own. CNC metal turning machinery is expensive because it is made up according to modern design and technology. It can cost you a lot. All the equipment used for CNC, including the CNC milling machine, CNC turning machine, etc., require you to loosen up your pocket a bit. In fact, buying CNC machinery will be the costliest thing in the entire process. But it’s acceptable because of being a one-time investment.

Figure 14 - CNC Methods

Figure 14 – CNC Methods

Many other things will affect your CNC metal turning process and its costs. If you want to get done with the entire manufacturing without having to do much, you should simply get in contact with professionals from China. They will help you do everything without having to spend differently upon machinery, labor, designing, etc.