What Is PEEK Plastic?

Last Updated on December 21, 2021 by Leizi

As one of the most expensive plastics, PEEK(polyetherketone) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high performance and plays a role in a variety of industries. How much do you know about PEEK? Let’s see its properties and usage in different industries!

PEEK Parts


  1. High-temperature Resistance;

PEEK(polyetherketone) can bear high temperatures up to 480° F without any physical damage, while other plastics will be melt under that high temperature.

Because of it, PEEK is harder to be processed especially in injection molding. It requires highly on the equipment. Its melt flow is also extremely poor. Thus, we need to keep it under high temperatures.

  1. Superior strength-to-weight Ratio;

Its superior strength-to-weight ratio enables it as an alternative to aluminum and glass. And we can apply it in the medical industry. Because of its low moisture and lighter weight, PEEK can be an excellent choice for metal equipment or implant. And its high performance and corrosion resistance will last for years

  1. Radiation- and Chemical-resistance;

There is a proven record that shows PEEK’s high radiation and chemical resistance. We can its usage in the industries of medical and aerospace.

  1. Creep-resistance;

In different environments, PEEK has an excellent creep resistance.

Peek’s properties are beyond that. Because of these excellent properties, there are several industries in that PEEK can be used: medical, automotive, aerospace, oil&fuel, etc.

At Ruitai, we often use PEEK to make CNC machining parts. Do you want to know more about PEEK and CNC machining, just e-mail us: emily@szrtmj.com