Why Prototyping Is So Important for You?

Last Updated on December 16, 2021 by Leizi

No matter which industry you belong to, prototyping is a neccessary step to test the feasibility of your design.

CNC Machining

Figure1 CNC Machining

After prototyping, you will know what kind of material, surface treatment, and tooling are suitable for your design. Then, you will find the flaws in your design. Therefore, you can continuously refine your design until you get the most satisfying and cost-effective one. 

Besides, CNC machining and 3D printing are two main ways to make prototypes. If you want to make a prototype within a shorter time, you can choose 3D printing. This is because the efficiency of 3D Printing is higher than CNC machining. If you consider the tolerance the most, you can apply CNC machining to assist your prototyping project. The products processed by CNC machining are more accurate than 3D printing.

After initial processing, the prototypes also need to do surface treatments: electroplating, sandblasting, polishing, aluminum brush, painting, etc. It will make your prototypes more decorative and smooth on the surface. Then, your suppliers will send the prototypes to you. And you will do several evaluations on them and get the exact data to know whether your design is good and the products can be put into the market.

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