What Are EDM and Wire Cut

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In general, there are two kinds of EDM(Electrical Discharge Machining): wire cut EDM and conventional EDM. There are some differences between them.

What is conventional EDM?

Figure1 Conventional EDM

Its working principle is to corrode the extra materials by the electricity between the metal and workpiece. We won’t see the process of generating the materials debris to brush them.

What is wire cut EDM?

Figure2 Wire Cut EDM

Wire cut EDM cuts the extra metal by the electrical sparks created by de-ionized water and water conduct.

Differences between EDM and wire-cut EDM?

(1). Compared to conventional EDM, wire EDM has more machining flexibility because it is controlled by a CNC instrument.

(2). Wire cut EDM helps us to make metal components with more intricate angles and patterns.

(3). Besides, the metal parts after wire cut EDM are of higher tolerance.

Applications of conventional EDM and wire-cut EDM:

Wire cut EDM: It is often applied for cutting small metal parts with high precision. For example, the dies for blanking and car parts.

Conventional EDM: compared to wire cut EDM, it can be applied for metal parts of large and small sizes.

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