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You design it,we will do the rest for metal CNC machining

Ruitai Can Make Metal CNC Machining Parts For You

Since 2014,Ruitai have been focus on metal CNC machining already,at the beginning,we just make few piece on metal CNC machining,and the materials do have a wide choice.

With around of 15 years of development,ruitai can make metal CNC machining from 1 piece to +50000 pieces,these metal CNC machining parts can be used for end users and final products.

About the materials for metal CNC machining,we have around 30 kinds of metal for your choice,you can choose from all series of aluminum CNC machining;all series of stainless steel CNC machining;and some other metal CNC machining materials.

Custom CNC Machining

We can custom your metal CNC machining parts

Metal CNC Machining- CNC Machining Brass

Brass is a kind of widely used material also

Metal CNC Machining-Aluminum

All series of aluminum material can made CNC machining for you

Metal CNC Machining-Mic 6 Aluminum

If you need a good Physical properties,Mic 6 aluminum is a good choice

Metal CNC Machining-Stainless Steel

The material is stainless steel

Metal CNC Machining-Zinc Machining

The surface for zinc machining can be chrome plated/painting/high polished and more

Ruitai Can Make Small Batch CNC Machining for You

To meet different kinds of needs,ruitai can make your metal CNC machining parts from few parts,once approved on production,ruitai can also make small batch CNC machining metal parts.

Ruitai have automotive production lines,once get your small batch metal CNC machining orders.we will arrange your metal CNC machining parts very soon.

There are a lot of advantages to make metal CNC machining parts with small batch quantity.
1.Metal CNC machining parts have high precision and guarantee the tolerance
2.Metal CNC machining parts can give a fast feedback if have issues during problems
3.Metal CNC machining parts have a fast production time

Related Metal CNC Machining Parts

  • Zinc Die Casting Parts

    After Zinc CNC machining,if you need more quantity,Zinc die casting is the best way for you

  • Sheet Metal Parts

    We can make bending cutting and CNC milling on your sheet metal parts

  • Die Casting Stainless Steel

    If the structure of stainless steel is not so complicate,just drop your request,we will make die casting for you

  • Aluminum Die Casting 

    The unit cost for die casting aluminum is very competitive

Your Trusted Metal CNC Machining Manufacturer in China

Ruitai can provide you Metal CNC Machining needs for your projects.The quantity for Metal CNC Machining can be hundreds and thousands.

Metal CNC Machining have lots of advantage.Normally,After prototype test and before mass production,you will need Metal CNC Machining to meet your projects needs,it can be fast and have competitive cost.

For metal material,CNC machining for small batch production is a good choice.another choice you can consider die casting for your metal parts.

Ruitai have fully experience in Metal CNC Machining field,.if you have this kind of needs,just leave your metal CNC machining details.
Metal CNC Maching


What Kind of Surface treatment Can Make on Your Metal CNC Machining Parts?

Once we get your order for metal CNC machining,we will check the surface treatment on your metal CNC machining parts.

>Anodized on Metal CNC Machining
>Highly Polished on Metal CNC Machining
>Painting on Metal CNC Machining
>Powder coated on Metal CNC Machining
>Chrome plated on Metal CNC Machining
>Black oxide on Metal CNC Machining
>Passivation on Metal CNC Machining
>Silk screen on Metal CNC Machining
>Sand Blasted on Metal CNC Machining
>Brush on Metal CNC Machining

If you need extra surface treatment on metal CNC Machining,pls let us know,Ruitai will make the rest work for you.

Metal CNC machining

After Metal CNC Machining Production,Ruitai Can Do Metal CNC Machining Assemble Work for You

According to our 15 years of experience in metal CNC machining,we know that most of metal CNC machining parts need to tap threads,or need to tap inserts into metal CNC machining parts.

It is a very easy job for us,just send the drawings to us,we will make it according to your requested.there are many kinds of inserts,different size,most of the inserts material is stainless steel or brass or aluminum,it can meet different kinds of needs during Metal CNC machining assemble.

Metal CNC Machining: The Ultimate FAQ guide

Years ago, before the invention of the latest technologies, it was a really painful task for manufacturers to create their products manually. However, as the world progressed the innovative technologies made life easy for the man. One of these amazing technologies is the technique of CNC Machining, which has proved very much beneficial for manufacturers.

This ultimate guide includes all the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the process of Metal CNC Machining. It comprises detailed information about the phenomenon, including the construction, working process, applications, and everything else you need to know about this technique.

If you are a newbie and don’t know anything about it, no worries! You are absolutely at the right place as this ultimate guide has solutions to all of your confusion. So, in order to know it all, keep reading till the end.

What Is The Meaning Of CNC Machining?

Computer numerical control or Metal CNC Machining is basically a process controlled by computer and machine tools to create the desired product from the raw materials, which may be plastic, metal, wood, etc.

The manufacturing process is usually subtractive, which means that it involves the elimination of material from the product in order to give it a desired shape and features. The technique may involve a number of technologies for different purposes.

metal CNC machining 1

Who Invented the Metal CNC Machining Technique And When?

The manufacture of the first Numerically Controlled (NC) machine took place in the 1940s. Whereas the first CNC milling machine was invented in 1952 by Richard Kegg, and with the advance in technology, more and more features were gradually introduced to make the process efficient and impeccable.

The result is a modern technology that involves machinery that performs actions on its own according to instructions.

What Raw Material We Can Use For Metal CNC Machining?

It involves the use of a variety of raw materials, which include wood, plastic wood, ceramic materials, resins, and so on. Whereas, if we talk about CNC Metal Machining specifically, it limits the process to using metal as a raw material.

It is then processed to create the model or design of a metallic product. Because of the use of a vast range of materials, it has numerous applications in nearly every manufacturing industry.

How the Process of Metal CNC Machining is carried out?

The basic process of Metal CNC Machining involves the removal of material from stock or piece to create your product. But the machines and technologies involved in the process may vary depending upon the material used and detailing required.

Any machinery used is computer operated and just requires the instructions to be fed, and then the further process takes place on its own.

metal CNC machining 2

You can understand in a better way visually by watching this video

What is CNC Machining, and How Does it Work?

metal CNC machining 3

What Are The Basic Steps Involved In Metal CNC Machining Process?

The Metal CNC Machining process is quite complicated and involves a lot of machines and tools. Hence the process can vary depending upon the technologies involved, but few major steps can be represented as the summary of every technique that involves CNC Machining. These are

  1. First of all, a Computer-Aided Model (CAD) of the product is created.
  2. Secondly, the CAD model of custom-product is changed into a CNC program.
  3. Then the machine set up is prepared by attaching the tools and other components required.
  4. Lastly, the manufacture of a product is done by the execution of machine operation.

Which Software Is Utilized In Metal CNC Machining Process?

To achieve precision, optimization and to increase the efficiency of the process, the phenomenon of Metal CNC Machining uses software applications that are of more than one type. It includes the software applications of CAD, CAM, or CAE.

  • Computer-Aided Design or CAD software involves the use of various programs to craft a 2D or 3D model, keeping the technical properties as well as other features in mind. Basically, the model created by this software is used by CAM to originally create the product using machines. The function of this software is to provide data containing the design of the product.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing or CAM software is a type of software that utilizes programs that extract the required information properly from the CAD model and uses it to change the tooling and perform other functions to run a machine program. Hence,

  • it functions to run machines required to produce a specific product without operator assistance.
  • Computer-Aided Engineering or CAE softwareis typically used by engineers to analyze and evaluate the product during the development as a supporting tool to evaluate the design, shape, hidden features, and other technicalities to modify the product as well as to help in diagnosis, repair, and planning.

Not only that, some applications have combined all three kinds of software in one single software program. This helps to manufacture the product effortlessly from an abstract idea to practical production.

What are the Two Main Categories of Metal CNC Machining?

Although, there are a great number of Metal CNC Machines out there. But all of them can be broadly classified into two categories,

  • Conventional technologies mainly include mechanical processes such as drilling, milling, turning, or any other mechanical process.
  • On the other hand, novel technologiesinclude electrical, chemical, or any other possible machinery used in the technique.

metal CNC machining 4

What Are the Different Machine Operations Involved In Metal CNC Machining?

The technique of Metal CNC Machining requires the use of various processes, including thermal, electrical, chemical, and mechanical processes, in order to perform the action. The mechanical processes have a major role which is categorized into drilling, milling, and turning.

  • The CNC Drillingprocess simply involves the use of machinery for drilling purposes. The machine consists of drill bits that make holes efficiently in the workpiece underneath. Reaming, counterboring and other functions can be performed by using the processmetal CNC machining 5
  • CNC Milling can be defined as a process that is used to cut out the required part or to remove the excess material. The milling equipment is rotating and sharp. Therefore it cuts the workpiece efficiently, which can be controlled easily as well.

metal CNC machining 6

  • CNC Turningworks on the phenomenon in which material is rotated, and the machinery is stationary, and the material not required is removed. It is really effective for giving the product its end shape and modifying it visually. It is usually made of parts that need detailing in the inner surfaces, whereas milling is used for complex parts.

metal CNC machining 7

Other mechanical processes include grinding, broaching, sawing, lapping, and so on.

What Equipment Does the Metal CNC Machining Technique Require?

The machines, technologies, and tools required may greatly vary depending upon the product’s requirement and raw material utilized. The use of computer-aided software is common to all, no matter which equipment is used. Some of the basic equipment


  • Metal CNC Drilling Equipment comprises the use of drill bits that rotate to produce holes in the material under process. The types of drill bits may vary as each is specific for a particular application. Spotting, peck, and screw machine drills along with reamers are used to enlarge holes in the commonly used drilling equipment.
  • CNC Milling Equipment is basically used to cut and shape the material according to requirements. The rotating milling machines and tools are used for this purpose. It also involves milling machines which allow milling in three dimensions with the use of hand, universal or omniversal milling machines.
  • CNC Turing Equipment is quite similar to milling, but when we use this equipment, the workpiece is rotating or turning, and cutting tools are stationary. This equipment is usually used to provide smooth finishing to the surfaces or to perform other functions such as parting, undercutting, and grooving.

What Is Meant By G-code and M-code In The Process Of CNC Machining?

As you know, the machinery used for the phenomenon of Metal CNC Machining requires the instructions to be fed in it before function. The instructions are given to the machine in a programming language that it can understand. There are two such languages G-Code and M-code.

  • G-code or geometric codeis a language that gives instructions to the machine about the direction of movement. Basically, instructions determine how the motor should move, which in turn decides which path is followed. You just have to enter the direction by using G-code, and the machine cuts or drills the material according to instructions.
  • M-code or machine or miscellaneous codeis an equally important language for functioning as it determines when the tools need to be changed, coolant is required or when the program needs to be stopped. Hence, both codes perform collaborative work to run the machines.

Consequently, you cannot run the machines before learning how to use these languages properly. Otherwise, a small mistake can cause a great loss.

What Is The Latest Machinery Which Is Widely Used In CNC Machining?

To avoid inconvenience, manufacturers and designers are using a 5-Axis Metal CNC Machining technique. This technique allows nearly every function in 5-dimensions without using bulky and multiple machines.

They require experts having the proper experience to run the specialized machinery. The benefit of this advanced machinery is that there is no need to manually reposition the workpiece. You can easily perform the functions in a single machine setup.

metal CNC machining 8

How Much the Metal CNC Machining Technique Costs?

The process of Metal CNC Machining can be costly, and the pricing depends on various factors. You can take a look at these factors, and you should check the budget before considering this technique for your order. These are

  • The volume of your order

If your order is small and consists of just a few items, it may cost you more, but if you want work to be done at large-scale, then it can be really cost-saving for you.

  • Design of product

If your product comprises intricate and complex designs, then it will require more effort, and as a result, you would have to pay more for it. Whereas a simple design doesn’t require a lot of money.

  • Your budget

You should check your budget by making the estimation as you have to buy the materials, have to deal with finishing cost, and then hire the operator. In addition to that, you should also check out the rates at various places that offer the services so that it will help you save money.

  • Choice of Materials

The Metal CNC Machining cost may also depend on the materials you are working with. If you are using a material of medium hardness or an easy-to-deal material, then it is easier and will cost less. The materials like ceramics, foam, or wood can also work well with cheap techniques, but if you are working with metals, this technique would be the best fit for you.

What Are The Benefits Of CNC Machining?

When you look at the advantages of CNC Machining, there is a long list. Some of them are as follows.

  • The Accuracy and toleranceof this technique are impeccable as the dimensional accuracy is in millimeters which allows making identical design according to your requirement, which may not be possible at any cost manually. The use of advanced machinery has really helped to attain accuracy, and the tolerance is also high enough.
  • The product manufactured by this technique has excellent material propertiesas the machine has tools for literally every purpose. It can be proved ideal for applications where perfection is required. You can easily craft any kind of material no matter how hard it is; hence you can choose the material of your own choice.
  • This process istime-saving as well. Due to the advanced machinery, the CNC Machined product can be ready in days, and hence this property has added to the benefits of the technique.
  • Metal CNC Machining technique is just the perfect match for all kinds ofproduction processes, whether they are small-scale or large-scale. Because this process requires a short time and is cost-effective therefore one can get the parts manufactured on a large scale. It is ideal if one needs identical parts to be made. Whether large-scale or small-scale production, it is best for both.
  • Another important feature of Metal CNC Machining is that it doesn’t require operator assistance for machine operationwhile machinery in other techniques requires professional operator all the time, whereas Metal CNC Machining just requires instructions to be fed and the rest process takes place on its own.
  • It takes the operator’s safetyinto consideration. If the same function is performed on the objects manually, it may harm the person performing it, but because of this technique, the safety of the operator is guarded and guaranteed.
  • The cost-effectivenessof the process is high as compared to other machinery or techniques because it performs the function efficiently and effortlessly without risking the quality of the resulting product. In addition to that, only one skilled operator can give instructions to all the machines, so you don’t need to hire multiple operators for this purpose.

Are There Any Limitations to Metal CNC Machining?

Yes, there are some limitations of this process as well, but they are relatively less as compared to the benefits. Some of them are following.

  • At the start of the process, the cost may be relatively highbecause of the high quality and efficiency of the process. Also, complex geometries require expert guidance as well. So, you must keep this in mind before going to get your product made.
  • There are some tool access and work holding requirementsas well. When you are working on a part with complex geometry, you need a specific tool for every purpose, and the operator must be skilled because the subtractive process needs to be monitored closely.
  • Another disadvantage is that a minor mistake may result in an irreplaceable loss. If the operator makes a mistake or any other abnormality occurs due to any cause, it would be difficult to be corrected. So, this process needs critical control to prevent the loss and ensure the ideality of the product.

metal CNC machining 9

What Is The Difference Between 3D Printing And CNC Machining?

Both 3D Printing and Metal CNC Machining are two of the frequently used techniques for making products and prototypes by using machinery. Both are widely used technologies and efficient techniques, but there are some striking differences between both of them.

  • The working method of both techniques is based on a different method. 3D printing or rapid prototyping is a process that uses additive manufacturing techniques and creates the product layer-by-layer by the use of machinery, but Metal CNC Machining is a subtractive process, and it involves the removal of material from the workpiece and it works on a part as a whole.
  • 3D Printing works well for short deadlines. If you want your product to be made in less time, choose 3D Printing as it can create the model within hours, whereas Metal CNC Machining requires many hours or days, which vary depending on the complexity of design and other factors.
  • 3D Printing technique is suitable for small-scale production of prototypes and models, whereas Metal CNC Machining is generally used for the production of machine parts or other objects in a large quantity as it is also cost-effective in that way.
  • The Metal CNC Machining technique is used predominately with metals, thermoplastics, and acrylics and allows great accuracy and excellent mechanical properties. On the other hand, 3D Printing is usually used with plastics and a wide range of material choices. It also provides an opportunity for detailing, but the mechanical properties are relatively lesser.
  • Both 3D printing and Metal CNC Machining can work well for complex models, but 3D printing is particularly efficient while dealing with models with great complexity. There are some geometry restrictions in Metal CNC Machining even after using 5-axis machinery, but 3D printing has few or nearly no geometry restrictions in comparison.

The technique of 3D Printing is more labor-intensive as it needs some post-processing on the model in order to give it additional surface properties. In comparison to that, the Metal CNC Machining process just requires the instructions to be coded in the machine. Then perform the rest of the process on its own and doesn’t need much post-processing.

metal CNC machining 10

What Are Some Major Uses Of the Technique, Metal CNC Machining?

The purpose of the Metal CNC Machining technique is to make the parts or models wherever they are needed. Thus, this process has multiple applications in many fields, which is the reason for rapid success, approval of this phenomenon, and its advancement day by day.

Every passing day the applications are increasing, and every industry is using it for their benefit efficiently. The fields using this modern technology in its basic processes include space, automotive, manufacturing industries, sports, electrical, aerospace, and many more.

What Are The Uses Of Metal CNC Machining In The Field Of Space?

Metal CNC Machining is widely used in space technologies. It can be used to make the complex parts of machinery or aircraft that are required to travel in space and the accuracy. Moreover, the surface treatments of Metal CNC Machining have helped a lot in this regard.

Industries that manufacture aircraft for space or other machinery have been benefited a lot by using the Metal CNC Machining technique.

What Can Be the Possible Uses Of Metal CNC Machining for Automotive Industries?

The automotive industry also requires the Metal CNC Machining technique in its various manufacturing processes. The automotive Manufacturing industry needs various metal parts to be crafted identically and joined correctly to achieve the desired function as well as the impeccable visual appearance. The key components are designed and created by the Metal CNC Machining technique.

metal CNC machining 11

What Are The Applications Of Metal CNC Machining Technique In The Field Of Aerospace?

Aerospace Industries work for creating aircraft. It was one of the first industries to use the technique of CNC Machining. Metal CNC Machining provides all the necessary mechanical properties and functional abilities to the parts which are created by it.

It is used in the developmental process and also to manufacture the components of aircraft effectively.

metal CNC machining 12

How Does Metal CNC Machining Help In Product Design And Development?

Any design and development company needs parts made of metal. These parts should be made with precision and great care so that no important detail can be missed. The Metal CNC Machining technique proves to be an effective way to create custom metal parts, and as they are needed in large volume, so it also provides cost-effectiveness.

metal CNC machining 13

What Can Be The Applications Of Metal CNC Machining In Electrical Industries?

The electrical manufacturing industry uses the Metal CNC Machining technique to manufacture electrical appliances, wiring, and panel.

Electrical Appliances are generally made of metals, and for dealing with metals, Metal CNC Machining is the best technique as it allows designs’ creation with accuracy and high tolerance. Complex parts are carved, and excess metal is removed by the Metal CNC Machining technique.

metal CNC machining 14

How Does Metal CNC Machining Benefit Industrial Tooling And Manufacturing?

Industrial tooling and manufacturing use Metal CNC Machining to manufacture the important tools and parts. Food and chemical industries, pharmaceutical industry, chemical processing industry, and any other manufacturing industry requires the machine to perform its complex function. The parts of these machines are made by the Metal CNC Machining technique usually.

metal CNC machining 15

What Are The Uses Of Metal CNC Machining For Sport And Motorsport Industries?

Sport and motorsport manufacturing industry manufactures the vehicles which are used for sport or racing purpose such as racing cars, heavy bikes, etc.

In this case, high performance is required, and every part should be made with perfection, for which Metal CNC Machining proves to be ideal. Every part is custom-made by Metal CNC Machining to achieve high quality and durability.

How Does Oil and Gas Industries Use CNC Machining?

Oil and gas industries require various custom-made parts to make the pistons, cylinders, valves. These parts should be made with high precision and tight tolerances, which are the key abilities of CNC Machining; hence it is used efficiently in the oil and gas industry to achieve maximum benefit.

What Are The Uses of Metal CNC Machining In The Field of Gaming And Technology?

Gaming gadgets and other consumer electronics such as computers and laptops are the results of Metal CNC Machining. Other than that, nearly all the gadgets that everyone uses in daily life are manufactured by companies using advanced technologies.

They require a high-quality and durable design to avoid any risk. In these industries, Metal CNC Machining is used to make PCBs, jigs, fixtures, and many other intricate and complex parts.

How Metal CNC Machining Aids Medical Field?

Since Metal CNC Machining is used to make custom parts with tight tolerances. This makes it essential to be utilized in the medical field on various medically safe materials, such as manufacturing orthotics, implants, and surgical instruments for patients.

Also, in medical technology, machinery is required for nearly every purpose, such as CT scan, MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasound, and many more applications.

metal CNC machining 16

Hence Metal CNC Machining helps nearly every field in its basic functions, and its applications are increasing day by day. The technique is also being made advanced in order to gain maximum advantages without putting too much effort into it.

The Metal CNC Machining technique has solved the problems of people working in any manufacturing industry. How? Well, they don’t have to work hard for the days and worry about accuracy and quality. Instead, they can use this technique and get it done effortlessly.

As you have read the guide now, so you nearly everything about the Metal CNC Machining technique, as well as when and how to use it. Hope you got every required information that you’ve been searching for lately.