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You design it,we will do the rest for metal CNC machining

Ruitai Can Make Metal CNC Machining Parts For Your

Since 2014,Ruitai have been focus on metal CNC machining already,at the beginning,we just make few piece on metal CNC machining,and the materials do not have a wide choice.

With around of 15 years of development,ruitai can make metal CNC machining from 1 piece to +50000 pieces,these metal CNC machining parts can be used for end users and final products.

About the materials for metal CNC machining,we have around 30 kinds of metal for your choice,you can choose from all series of aluminum CNC machining;all series of stainless steel CNC machining;and some other metal CNC machining materials.

Custom CNC Machining

We can custom your metal CNC machining parts

Metal CNC Machining- CNC Machining Brass

Brass is a kind of widely used material also

Metal CNC Machining-Aluminum

All series of aluminum material can made CNC machining for you

Metal CNC Machining-Mic 6 Aluminum

If you need a good Physical properties,Mic 6 aluminum is a good choice

Metal CNC Machining-Stainless Steel

The material is stainless steel

Metal CNC Machining-Zinc Machining

The surface for zinc machining can be chrome plated/painting/high polished and more

Ruitai Can Make Small Batch CNC Machining for You

To meet different kinds of needs,ruitai can make your metal CNC machining parts from few parts,once approved on production,ruitai can also make small batch CNC machining metal parts.

Ruitai have automotive production lines,once get your small batch metal CNC machining orders.we will arrange your metal CNC machining parts very soon.

There are a lot of advantages to make metal CNC machining parts with small batch quantity.
1.Metal CNC machining parts have high precision and guarantee the tolerance
2.Metal CNC machining parts can give a fast feedback if have issues during problems
3.Metal CNC machining parts have a fast production time

Related Metal CNC Machining Parts

  • Zinc Die Casting

    After Zinc CNC machining,if you need more quantity,Zinc die casting is the best way for you

  • Sheet Metal Parts

    We can make bending cutting and CNC milling on your sheet metal parts

  • Die Casting Stainless Steel

    If the structure of stainless steel is not so complicate,just drop your request,we will make die casting for you

  • Die Casting Aluminum

    The unit cost for die casting aluminum is very competitive

Your Trusted Metal CNC Machining Manufacturer in China

Ruitai can provide you Metal CNC Machining needs for your projects.The quantity for Metal CNC Machining can be hundreds and thousands.

Metal CNC Machining have lots of advantage.Normally,After prototype test and before mass production,you will need Metal CNC Machining to meet your projects needs,it can be fast and have competitive cost.

For metal material,CNC machining for small batch production is a good choice.another choice you can consider die casting for your metal parts.

Ruitai have fully experience in Metal CNC Machining field,.if you have this kind of needs,just leave your metal CNC machining details.
Metal CNC Maching


What Kind of Surface treatment Can Make on Your Metal CNC Machining Parts?

Once we get your order for metal CNC machining,we will check the surface treatment on your metal CNC machining parts.

>Anodized on Metal CNC Machining
>Highly Polished on Metal CNC Machining
>Painting on Metal CNC Machining
>Powder coated on Metal CNC Machining
>Chrome plated on Metal CNC Machining
>Black oxide on Metal CNC Machining
>Passivation on Metal CNC Machining
>Silk screen on Metal CNC Machining
>Sand Blasted on Metal CNC Machining
>Brush on Metal CNC Machining

If you need extra surface treatment on metal CNC Machining,pls let us know,Ruitai will make the rest work for you.

Metal CNC machining

After Metal CNC Machining Production,Ruitai Can Do Metal CNC Machining Assemble Work for You

According to our 15 years of experience in metal CNC machining,we know that most of metal CNC machining parts need to tap threads,or need to tap inserts into metal CNC machining parts.

It is a very easy job for us,just send the drawings to us,we will make it according to your requested.there are many kinds of inserts,different size,most of the inserts material is stainless steel or brass or aluminum,it can meet different kinds of needs during Metal CNC machining assemble.


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