How To Choose Vacuum Casting Mold Materials?

Last Updated on October 6, 2023 by assistant

Reasonable selection of Vacuum Casting Mold materials and implementation of the correct heat treatment process are the key to ensuring the life of the mold.

Molds with different uses should be considered according to their working conditions, stress conditions and properties of the materials to be processed, production batch and productivity, etc., and we should focus on the performance of the above requirements, and then make steel grades and heat treatment.

We do the corresponding choice of the process. As a professional Vacuum Casting Mold Factory, we would like to share with you how to choose the materials.

Vacuum Casting Mold

Vacuum Casting Mold

1. Production batch

When the production quantity of the stamping parts is large, the material of the punch and the die of the working parts of the mold should be selected from high-quality, wear-resistant mold steel. The other process structural parts of the mold and the part materials of the auxiliary structural part are also correspondingly improved. When the batch size is small, the material performance requirements should be appropriately relaxed to reduce the cost.

2. Material properties should consider the hot and cold processing properties of the material and the existing conditions of the plant.

3. Use micro-deformed die steel to reduce machining costs.

4. For molds with special requirements, mold steel with special properties should be developed and applied.

5. The choice of mold materials should be determined according to the conditions of use of the mold parts. Under the premise of meeting the main conditions, low-cost materials should be used to reduce costs.