Aluminum Castings

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1. The structural design of the casting is unreasonable, with sharp corners, and the thickness of the wall changes too much. In this case, cracks should be improved to improve the structural design of the casting, avoiding sharp corners, uniform wall thickness, and smooth transition.

Aluminum Castings

2. Sand type (core) poor concession will also produce cracks. Measures to increase the sand (core) concession should be taken.

3. Local overheating of the mold will cause cracks. It is necessary to ensure that all parts of the casting are solidified or sequentially solidified at the same time, and the design of the casting system is improved.

4. If the pouring temperature is too high, cracks will occur, and the pouring temperature should be appropriately lowered.

5. When the casting is taken out from the mold, the casting will be deformed too early. The heat correction method should be used to control the cooling time of the mold.

6. The heat treatment is overheated, and the crack is generated after the cooling rate is excessively exciting. The heat correction method is adopted when the casting is deformed. Correctly control the heat treatment temperature and reduce the quenching cooling rate.