Metal With 3D Print

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Metal With 3d Print

Figure1  Metal Part with 3D Print

Build Envelope: 450x450x300mm

Tolerance: ± 0.01mm

Materials: EP06, Somos 14120, Nylon, Metal…

Advantage: High Speed/ High Precision

Complex Geometries/ Material Reduction Options

Both Cosmetic and Structural Parts

Recently, researchers have made a “breakthrough” in the field of 3D printing of 316L stainless steel: 3D printing 316L stainless steel can provide a higher level of strength and ductility than other forms of steel! The combination of 3D printing and emerging materials may produce better results. Many research institutions now hope to improve material performance through 3D printing technology. These studies are expected to further expand the market application space for 3D printing, thereby stimulating the market growth of metal 3D printing technology. In the future, 3D printing may bring us more surprises.