Things You Have To Know About Plastic Injection Mold

Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by assistant

Before developing a plastic mold for mass production, you need to know some things first.

1. Has the product been fully designed? If you have not finalized your design, you will need to modify the plastic mold you are developing based on your design. This will bring unexpected costs and time to your product.

2. Are you sure that the plastic injection mold service is the best process for your product? Is there a better choice like CNC machining or plastic extrusion?

3. Do you have a forecast for the number of products? If the range of products in small batches ranges from 100 to 50,000, you can consider starting with a rapid prototyping tool to save costs.

4. How complex is the part structure? If you have complex parts, you can consider splitting them into several widgets and assembling them later.

Plastic Injection Mold