How Much Do You Know About Cnc?

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How Much Do You Know About Cnc

1. Point control system:

It is the index control system that only controls the tool or machine table, moving from one point to another, and the trajectory of movement between points does not require a strictly controlled system.

2. Modal code:

A set of code that can be logged out of each other. Once executed, the code remains in effect until it is logged off by the same set of code.

3. Interpolation calculation:

The interpolation calculation means that the numerical control device extracts the shape of the contour of the workpiece according to the input basic data, and calculates the feed pulse according to the calculation result. For each pulse, the machine moves in the coordinate direction of the response. A pulse equivalent distance to machine the workpiece out of the shape of the desired contour.

4. Sensor:

A device or device capable of sensing a prescribed measured piece and converting it into a usable signal according to a certain rule

5. Economical CNC system:

From the perspective of control methods, the economical numerical control system generally refers to the open-loop numerical control system. Mainly composed of a microcomputer, feed drive, spindle drive, switch quantity control, communication interface and software.

6. CNC device:

The core of the numerical control equipment is mainly to process and judge the input data signal. And issue an execution command to the servo system.

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