The Process of Plastic Prototype Fabrication

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Plastic is one of the most commonly applied materials to produce the components. We can see its applications nearly everywhere like toys and computer keyboards. Meanwhile, plastic prototyping is one of the ways that companies assess their products’ feasibility.

Figure1 Plastic Prototype Fabrication

You must know the importance of plastic prototyping if you are a designer. The finished prototypes can fully interpret your design concept to people. It means that you will have more opportunities to be discovered by interested investors. If you’re interested in plastic prototype fabrication, let’s learn more about its process.

There are 2 steps for producing plastic prototypes:

(1) Creating CAD Models;

It is the beginning of your plastic prototype fabrication. CAD programs can help to create the models, which can show the details about how your plastic prototypes look and combine each other.

Figue2 Creating CAD Models

(2) Producing the Prototypes;

After creating CAD models, we can start building the plastic prototypes. There are several kinds of ways to create your plastic prototypes from CNC machining, 3D printing, injection molding to vacuum casting.

CNC machining. If you need to produce plastic prototypes with tight tolerance(within 0.5mm), CNC machining will be the perfect choice for you.

Figure3 CNC Plastic Prototypes Machining

3D printing. 3D printing has been characterized as an efficient and ecomomical way to create low-volume plastic prototypes.

Figure4 3D Printing Plastic Prototypes

Injection molding. It is suitable for you to create high-volume plastic parts after prototyping. Before making parts, we need to design and make the molds first. That’s why many companies choose it for plastic parts mass production.

Figure5 Injection Molding

Vacuum casting. It’s processing that fits for low-volume and medium plastic parts production for the molds’ limited lifespan.

Figure6 Vacuum Casting

For plastic prototype fabrication, we are capable of supporting you through CNC machining, SLS/SLA 3D printing, injection molding, and vacuum casting. According to your requirement and drawings, the Ruitai team will make a special engineering plan for you. You can contact us by sending an e-mail