Common Problems of Aluminum Die Casting Mould

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Let’s understand the common problems and solutions of aluminum die casting mould!

Cold pattern:

Reason: The temperature at the front end of the melt is too low, and there are traces when stacked.

Improve methods:

1. Check if the wall thickness is too thin (design or manufacture), and the thinner area should be filled directly.

2. Check if the shape is not easy to fill; the distance is too far, the enclosed area, the blocked area, the fillet is too small, etc. are not easy to fill.

3. Shorten the filling time.

4. Change the filling mode.

5. Increase mold temperature

6. Increase the temperature of the melt

7. Check alloy composition

8. Increase the escape route

9. Vacuum device



1. The air is mixed in the melt.

2. Source of gas: during melting, in the tube, in the mold, release agent.

Improve methods:

1. Proper slow speed.

2. Check if the flow path is smooth and the cross-sectional area is decreasing.

3. Check if the area of the escape route is large enough, whether it is blocked, and whether the location is at the last filling place.

4. Check if the release agent is sprayed too much and the mold temperature is too low.

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Common Problems of Aluminum Die Casting Mould