What are the Advantages of 3D Printing Mold?

Last Updated on September 19, 2023 by assistant

Many people are saying that 3D Printing Mold is a good alternative to injection molding that requires mold opening. From now on, 3D printing has already had a huge impact on the manufacturing industry.

So, what are its advantages?

3D Printing Mold

3D Printing Mold

There are several aspects to the application and its advantages are below:

1. Rapid sample production and traditional complex structure products to produce samples, still need to open the mold, which results in long cycle, high cost. So it is very inconvenient; then 3D printing can directly print samples, don’t need to open the mold, saving costs and improve efficiency;

2. Metal 3D printing, in the mold industry has more advantages, such as it can be used to manufacture shaped waterway inserts. Compared with the traditional waterway, the 3D printing shaped waterway has the characteristics of short cooling time and high product quality, so it directly increases the production capacity per unit time and the product yield rate, directly saving the company cost and improving efficiency!

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