Guide on 3D Aluminum Printing

3D aluminum printing is a good choice for people who belong to the fields of aerospace and automotive combining the advantages of aluminum’s lightweight and flexibility of 3D printing,

Aluminum is one kind of common material in machining. And 3D printing allows more possibility of design to create the 3D printing aluminum parts with internal structures. You will see lifelike aluminum parts. Meanwhile, there is no need to assemble the aluminum parts. It can greatly reduce the time we spent on assembling and product development.

3D Aluminum Printing Parts

Is 3D aluminum printing expensive?

As to the cost of 3D aluminum printing, the most expensive part lies in buying the 3D printers and raw materials. The raw materials of aluminum machining are lumpy while the aluminum powder is much more expensive. An increasing number of companies choose 3D aluminum printing to make low-volume aluminum parts. Fortunately, the cost of aluminum powder and metal 3D printers is becoming more economical than before.

Compared to machining, is 3D aluminum printing more economical?

It depends on the volume of your project. The cost of 3D aluminum printing is more cost-effective than machining if for low-volume(within 10 pieces). If you choose casting or CNC machining for low-volume or large volume production, the cost of making and maintaining molds will be much higher. For mass production, the molding cost can be greatly reduced.

Die Casting and CNC Machining

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