What Are The Causes And Countermeasures For Unstable Thread Size?

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After the thread is machined, the threaded ring gauge is used to measure the “open-end” of the external thread or the inconsistency of the front and rear tension and the passage of the “top end” portion. The reasons for these ills:

What Are The Causes And Countermeasures For Unstable Thread Size

1. The thread shape is wrong. Even if the thread diameter has reached the specified size, the thread ring gauge and plug gauge may not be able to be screwed.

2. Threaded teeth. When measuring with a thread gauge, there is often a phenomenon that is limited by the directionality, that is, it is tightened from one end and tightened from the other end, and even the “pass end” is passed but the “top end” is passed. phenomenon.

3. The internal thread bottom car is too small, or the external thread bottom diameter is too large, it will also make the thread gauge can not be screwed in, this is due to the blunt wear of the turning tool, the extrusion process during the cutting process, the outer diameter of the thread Or the result of burrs being squeezed out of the inner diameter.

4. When the internal thread with a small diameter is turned, the rigidity of the turning tool holder is limited due to the size limitation. It is easy to produce the “knife” during the turning process, and the four sizes are large, resulting in local over tolerance.

5. When turning the slender screw, due to the poor rigidity of the workpiece, deformation occurs during the turning process, resulting in dimensional errors on the thread.

When turning the inner and outer threads of a thin-walled workpiece, the workpiece is locally deformed due to the force and cutting temperature, and the local tolerance of the thread is also generated.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem of “thread gauge cannot enter”, it is necessary to take corresponding measures for the above reasons, mainly from the aspects of correct installation and proper loading of the workpiece.

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