What Is High Speed Cutting?

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In modern mechanical cutting technology, high-speed cutting is being more and more mentioned, and its technology has begun to be used.

With the first, high-speed machine tools, what are the high-speed cutting and traditional cutting technology? different?

What are the conditions for its implementation?

What are the benefits of achieving it? How is its applicability?

What Is High Speed Cutting

High-speed cutting, first of all, high speed, that is, high spindle speed, such as 12000r/min, 18000r/min, 30000r/min, 40,000r/min, and even higher speed is still under test; on the other hand, there should be a larger feed rate, such as 30000mm / min, 40,000mm / min, or even 60,000mm / min; then there is the rapid movement, rapid tool change, the spindle to change the speed from the static to reach the required speed, etc. Only by meeting the above criteria can we call it high speed.

Secondly, with high-speed cutting, we can achieve the following goals:

1. Due to the small depth of cut and thickness, the cutting amount of each edge of the tool is extremely small, so the force of the machine tool spindle and the guide rail is small, the precision and long life of the machine tool are long, and the tool life is also prolonged.

2. Although the cutting depth and thickness are small, since the spindle rotation speed is high and the feed speed is fast, the amount of metal removal per unit time is increased, and the machining efficiency is also improved.

3. Roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing can be integrated into one machine, all of which can be completed on one machine. It reduces the number of machine tools and avoids the error caused by multiple clamping.

4. It can process high hardness and difficult to process materials (up to 62HRC) and can drill small holes of ø1mm or less.

5. The most important thing is that the processing time is short and the economic performance is good.

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