China’s Superhard Tools Are Used In Three Major Fields

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After years of research and exploration, China has made great progress in superhard tools, but the application of superhard tools in production is still not extensive. Hard turning with super-hard tools, this technology has gained enormous economic and social benefits after more than ten years of development and application.

It is understood that China’s super hard tool production is applied to three major aspects: many large roller enterprises in the roller processing industry have used superhard tools to carry out waste trucks, rough cars, and fine cars for various types of rolls such as chilled cast iron and hardened steel. A good hard turning with super hard tools has been achieved. After more than ten years of development and application, this technology has achieved great economic and social benefits.

China's Superhard Tools Are Used In Three Major Fields

1. Roll processing industry

Many large-scale roller enterprises in China have used super-hard tools to carry out rough, rough and refined cars for various types of rolls such as chilled cast iron and hardened steel. All of them have achieved good benefits. The average improvement of processing efficiency by 2 to 6 times, saving processing Working hours and electricity are 50% to 80%. When the chilled cast iron roll with a hardness of HS60-80 is roughed or semi-finished, the cutting speed is increased by 3 times, and one roll per car saves electricity and labor costs by more than 400 yuan, saving the tool cost by nearly one hundred yuan. Great economic benefits have been achieved. For example, when we use the FD22 cermet tool to turn the 86CrMoV7 hardened steel roll of HRC58~63 (Vc=60m/min, f=0.2mm/r, ap=0.8mm), the continuous cutting roll path reaches 15000m. The maximum width of the surface wear band VBmax=0.2mm) satisfies the requirements of the car.

2. The industrial pump processing industry

At present, 70% to 80% of domestic pulp pump production plants have adopted superhard tools. The slurry pump is widely used in mining, electric power, and other industries. It is an urgently needed product at home and abroad. Its sheath and shield are Cr15Mo3 high-hard iron castings of HRC63~67. In the past, it was difficult to turn this material because of various tools, so it was necessary to use a process of annealing, softening, and then quenching. After using the super-hard tool, the hardening process was successfully realized, eliminating the two processes of annealing and quenching, saving a lot of man-hours and electricity.

3. Automotive processing industry

In the machining of crankshafts, camshafts, and driveshafts in the industries of automobiles and tractors, the processing of cutting tools, measuring tools, and equipment maintenance often encounter the processing problems of hardened workpieces. For example, in a locomotive and vehicle factory in China, the inner ring of the bearing needs to be processed in the maintenance of the equipment. The hardness of the inner ring of the bearing (material GCr15 steel) is HRC60, the diameter of the inner ring is f285mm, and the grinding process is used, and the grinding allowance is uneven. It takes 2 hours to grind it; first, it uses an ultra-hard tool to process it into an inner ring in only 45 minutes.

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