Aluminum Die Casting Features

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1. The design of the Aluminum Die-casting Parts is similar to the design of plastic parts. Some design conventions of plastic parts are also applicable to die-casting parts.

2. For Aluminum Alloy, the temperature, and pressure of the mold is much larger than that of the plastic, and the correctness of the design is extremely strict. Even with good mold materials, once welded, the mold has almost no life. Zinc alloy is similar to plastic and has a good mold life.

3. There should be no concave sharp corners to avoid mold collapse.

Aluminum Die Casting Features

4. Although the precision of die-casting parts is relatively high, it is worse than plastic, and the drafting force is larger than that of plastic. Generally, the structure should not be too complicated. If necessary, the complicated parts should be decomposed into two or more pieces.

5. The screw hole of aluminum alloy usually only makes the taper of the mold and adopts post-processing. A post-processing amount of 0.3 mm is usually left for the required fitting portion. 6, aluminum alloy die-casting is easy to produce pores, which should be considered in appearance. It is difficult to make anodizing on the surface of aluminum alloy die-casting (silicon-containing), and it usually takes a little longer to appear black. Aluminum alloy dies castings cannot be anodized and can be sprayed or sprayed. Commonly used alloy aluminum 6061, 7075, cast aluminum A356 coloring effect is good.