How To Maintain The Cast Aluminum Parts?

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Cast aluminum parts need to be polished regularly for effective maintenance because aluminum dies castings will have many cracks when used.

If unreasonable maintenance, it will easily cause aluminum die castings to break. How to use aluminum Die-castings require a certain amount of squirting process for aluminum dies castings in environments with corrosive gases.

This ensures that cast aluminum parts will not be severely corroded in such environments, and depending on the environment used, Need to choose different maintenance methods.

Maintain The Cast Aluminum

How is the cast aluminum piece made?

The cost of cast aluminum parts is low, the process is good, the remelting regeneration saves resources and energy, and the application and development are enduring. Aluminum castings are preferred to use sand casting, the main reason is that sand casting has lower cost, simple production process, and shorter production cycle than other casting methods.

The cast aluminum parts are prepared by using pure aluminum or aluminum alloy ingots according to the standard composition ratio, and after being manually heated to be turned into an aluminum alloy liquid or molten state, the aluminum liquid or the molten aluminum alloy is poured through a professional mold or a corresponding process. A process for cooling a cavity into the desired shape.

Commonly used cast aluminum methods are: sand casting, die casting, low-pressure casting, precision casting, permanent mold, lost foam casting, and the like. Aluminum castings have excellent mechanical and physical properties. They can have a variety of strength, hardness, and toughness properties. They can also have one or more special properties, such as wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, low temperature, and corrosion resistance. Wait.

Aluminum castings are available in a wide range of weights and casting sizes. The lightest weight is only a few grams, the heaviest is 400 tons, the thinnest wall thickness is only 1 mm, the thickest can be more than 1 meter, and the length can range from a few millimeters to ten. A few meters to meet the requirements of different industrial sectors.

Generally, for the appearance quality of aluminum castings, the comparative sample can be used to judge the surface roughness of the aluminum casting; the fine cracks on the surface can be inspected by the coloring method and the magnetic powder method. The internal quality of aluminum castings can be checked and judged by means of audio, ultrasound, eddy current, X-ray, and gamma rays.

The quality of cast aluminum parts has a great influence on the performance of mechanical products. For example, the wear resistance and dimensional stability of machine tool aluminum castings directly affect the accuracy of the machine tool to maintain the life; the impeller, shell and hydraulic chamber internal cavity dimensions, profile accuracy, and surface roughness of various types of pumps directly affect The working efficiency of the pump and hydraulic system, the development of energy consumption and cavitation, etc.; the strength and chilling heat resistance of aluminum castings such as cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston ring and exhaust pipe of the internal combustion engine directly affect the work of the engine.