What Is The Classification Of Casting Molds?

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The casting mold process is mainly that the casting mold drives the injection head through the hydraulic cylinder to press the molten metal into the mold cavity at high speed, wherein the oil pressure and the pressure are high.

Vacuum Casting Mold

Vacuum Casting Mold

There are many classification methods for casting molds. In the past, there are many types of casting molds, such as Vacuum Casting Mold, single-step molds, double-die molds, etc.; according to the classification of used objects, such as automobile cover casting molds, motor casting molds, etc,.

The processing properties of the forming process and the comprehensive classification method based on the object of use are divided into ten categories, and it can be divided into several sub-categories or varieties according to the structure, materials, use functions and molding methods of the casting mold.