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Ruitai Is A High-precision Hardware Stamping Parts Manufacturer

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A High-precision Hardware Stamping Parts Manufacturer in China

As to tolerance we can reach, our advanced stamping dies can make the hardware components with of tolerance of o.o5mm. There are many professional checking equipment from the caliper to height gauge to check the quality of the hardware stamping parts. If you require the CMM report from us, we will send the report to you before delivery.

Ruitai has a strict QC control team. Before delivery, our QC team needs to inspect 100% hardware stamping parts to ensure that these parts are of premium quality.

Regardless of your request, we are pretty glad to help with your Hardware Stamping Parts project. You can visit our contact page to discover Ruitai’s capability.

Laser Cut Parts

Laser-cut parts are common applications for hardware processing. By using laser cutting, we can get high-precision metal parts used in the industries of bike, motorcycle, and aircraft.

Hardware Metal Bending Parts

Bending is important for processing in stamping to produce metal parts with a specific angle. Before bending, we need to make a special tool, which will determine the effect of bending.

Short-run Metal Stampings

After galvanizing, the hardware stamping parts will become anti-corrosion and decorative. When you’re considering the surface finish for your stamping parts, galvanizing is a good choice.

Hardware Auto Stamping Parts

Stamping parts are an important part of the car. Ruitai often cooperates with the car company to make hardware stamping parts with superior quality.

Stamping Metal Parts 

As an economical and versatile surface finish, powder coating has a wide application in protecting the aluminum stamping parts. It’s also a popular surface treatment at Ruitai.

Metal Stamping Parts

Nickel plating can also help us make the finished hardware stamping parts with glossier surfaces. We can not only help you create metal stamping parts but also do nickel plating on these parts.

Ruitai-A Satisfying Hardware Stamping Parts Manufacturer Partner 

There are so many stamping manufacturing partners you can choose from in China. But, Ruitai is the most satisfying hardware stamping parts supplier you can trust.

Ruitai offers you a comprehensive hardware stamping service from material selection to processing choice. Regarding material range, there are aluminum, stainless steel, brass, carbon steel, zinc, and so on. As to the processing, there is a combination of laser cutting, bending, welding, and punching for you.

Packaging is also a critical part of our hardware stamping parts manufacture. The Ruitai team will make custom packaging for the stamping parts. 99% of our clients are very satisfied with our intact packaging and high-performance hardware stamping parts.

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1. What Are Hardware Stamping Parts?

Stamping is important for processing hardware components. We apply a press to process the sheet metal to get the desired stamping parts with a particular size and type. As a well-experienced stamping service provider, Ruitai can offer you high-quality hardware stamping parts.

Figure1 Hardware Stamping Parts

2. What Industries We Can Apply Hardware Stamping Parts?

Hardware stamping parts have a wide application in numerous industries.

①Electrical Parts; In the industry of electrical, we can make apply metal stamping to make power monitoring products, transformers, power transmissions, power converters, and so on.

②Appliance Parts; The stamping parts can be used as the precision components for the refrigerator, television, coffee maker, microwave, sweeper, dish-washing machine, and so on.

③Automotive Parts; There are various stamping parts we can use for key parts of a car: horn buttons, fuel injectors, seat latches, brakes, etc.

④Construction; We use durable metal stamping parts in the industry of construction: brackets, heat sinks, trusses, lighting connectors, and so on.

⑤Aerospace Parts. Aerospace parts have high requirements for precision. Stamping parts can meet all kinds of needs of aerospace components of any size and specification. We often produce aerospace parts like airframes, screws, fasteners, handsets, and controllers.